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Meloni queen of leaders on social media. Schlein engages and overtakes Conte

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Meloni queen of leaders on social media.  Schlein engages and overtakes Conte

The most appreciated leader on the web is Giorgia Meloni, while Elly Schlein overtakes Conte

The first Melons is at the top of the most appreciated leader preferences on the web, to say it is the ranking of Spin Factor, whose founder Tiberio Brunetti he claims: “Meloni imitating herself from Fiorello? Ingenious like Totti’s spoon“. Then the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, he is the most appreciated Italian political leader on social networks in the last month, with a positive sentiment of 59.49%. TO follow Elly Schlein which enters the first survey of the ranking with 54.50% e barefoot Giuseppe Conte which stands at 53.64%. This is what emerges from the analysis carried out by Spin Factor, a leading national company in strategic political and institutional consultancy, through Human, its web and social listening platform created entirely with an Italian semantic-based algorithm.

Brothers of Italy are in first place in the ranking of parties

At party level, there is first place Brothers of Italy, with the 56.70, followed by the Democratic party to 53.80% and from Come on Italy at 52.10%. On the other hand, with regard to the most recurring topics in online conversations in Italy, we find immigration in first place, with 22.88%, followed by the economy at 16.61%, by security at 16.24%, by the environment to 11.99% and from the war to 10.70%. “Giorgia Meloni maintains firmly the leadership of the trust of the Italianswithout having any backlash either from the primary Pd effect, or from the food controversies from the center-left regarding the Cutro tragedy”.

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The real change takes place in the centre-left: Elly Schlein is the new wide court benchmark, undermines Conte in terms of sentiment and also drags the Democratic Party up, which rises to second place in the ranking of parties, after months of stagnation during the Letta secretariat. The election of Elly Schlein as leader of the Democratic Party contributes a lot to simplifying the picture of the political offer: on the one hand there is a compact centre-right, which has a strong and recognizable leader in Giorgia Meloni and a stable and credible government structure for the own electorate. The last council of ministers, for example, demonstrates that there is unity of purpose and unanimity in proposing and obtaining results: from the launch of the procedures for the bridge over the strait, to the tax reform presented as a first step for the structural reduction of taxes.

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