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“Menghualu” finale screening ceremony to let the audience “celebrate the New Year” jqknews

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  Author: Gu Xinxin

The most popular TV series recently is the TV series “Meng Hua Lu” starring Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao and others. Since its launch, it has received a lot of praise from the audience. Douban scored 8.3 points, allowing the audience to chase the drama to the “top”. Nowadays, as the audience’s love for the series is increasing, the audience’s voice for Jiageng on social platforms is also growing. Tencent Video announced that it will launch the finale screening ceremony of “Menghualu” on June 26. gained widespread attention. Some social platform users said that the screening ceremony is like “New Year’s Eve”, and waiting for the official opening of the screening ceremony of “Meng Hualu” is like celebrating the New Year.

  Immersive experience ritual benefits to meet the needs of diverse theater viewing

The rapid development of Internet + intelligence has made people’s way of chasing dramas not limited to TV sets. Mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablet computers have made it more and more convenient for people to watch videos. Compared with other entertainment methods, audiences have liberalized and personalized needs for watching dramas. Some interactive strategies such as barrage, double-speed, progress dragging, and watching only one person save energy and time in the appreciation process to a certain extent. Coupled with the barrage, Weibo, WeChat and other instant comments during the broadcast, it invisibly reflects people’s desire for social interaction.

In addition, the main target audience of online dramas is the “net generation”, who prefer to watch the drama from a head-on perspective rather than sitting upright, and also enjoy the drama and its surrounding activities. To experience the “happiness of chasing dramas”.

It can be said that the ever-changing and diverse viewing needs of audiences also force the platform to continue to innovate. With the popularity of “Meng Hualu”, the call for early viewing of the finale has become more and more enthusiastic. This time, the “Meng Hualu” finale screening ceremony also came into being in response to the multi-level needs of the audience.

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It is reported that at the screening ceremony, Tencent Video will broadcast live through the starring 8-hour relay and accompany the audience to watch the finale of “Menghualu”. Users can participate in the activities through Tencent Video membership points redemption, lottery draws, and purchase of package gift packages, and users can freely choose according to their needs.

On the one hand, the activity is to meet the spiritual needs of the audience. Relying on the advantages of cloud technology, the main creator accompany viewing function, with strong interaction and companionship, realizes the “people in the picture” to reality, which not only narrows the distance between the main creator and the audience, but also allows the audience to learn more The story in the filming and the experience of character creation provide the audience with an immersive viewing experience; and inviting the leading actor to accompany the audience to follow the drama is also a benefit for drama fans. No wonder netizens call it “New Year’s Eve” with such a sense of ceremony. On the other hand, the video platform also meets the psychological needs of some viewers to watch dramas first and win for free in lottery draws, improve the freshness and welfare of activities, and achieve innovation and exploration based on user needs.

  The popularity of peripheral activities depends on the audience’s recognition of the work

One of the reasons for the popularity of the finale screening ceremony of “Meng Hualu” is that the series itself is recognized by the audience, and the values ​​conveyed by the drama “Meng Hualu” have an emotional resonance with the current young audience.

Talking about the original intention of creating the story of “Meng Hualu”, Yang Yang, the director of the play, once said in an interview: “In the past few years, I have made a lot of men’s plays, but in fact, I have always been eager to make a film that shows women and make a film for ourselves. The screenwriter Zhang Wei also said in an interview: “The idea I want to convey the most is friendship between women, mutual support and appreciation. No matter how difficult the environment is, women cherish each other and help each other. , the spirit of striving for the same ideal and goal can still be an amazing energy.”

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Such cognition and creative starting point may explain why “Meng Hualu” can drive the audience’s empathy.

To make the audience willing to perceive this ancient story, the play also needs to build an immersive world. To this end, Yang Yang took the crew to Kaifeng Mansion and the ancient water towns of Wuxi to collect scenery, hoping that “the actors will become a painting when they are dressed in costumes.”

It is understood that in order to shoot the scene of fighting tea, the crew invited Zhang Zhifeng, the “non-genetic inheritor of tea hundred operas” to give lectures to the whole crew during the preparation; “The two authors Xu Li and Lu Ran asked for advice, and they served as consultants on tea art and dishes in the script of “Meng Hualu”; including the complicated system of official positions in the Song Dynasty, Zhang Wei had to consult with the historical consultant Chang Yu for details.

In recent years, film and television works that can convey positive energy have been highly praised by audiences. The main creative team of “Menghualu” adopted ancient costumes to express the stories of many “modern” girls about “Beijing Drift”, and conveyed the mainstream values ​​in a more flexible and interesting way that conforms to the laws of network communication, so that young audiences have become Emotional resonance. Therefore, in the middle of the broadcast, many netizens strongly requested to watch the ending early.


The summer vacation in June is not only the so-called “peak season” of the video industry, but will further test websites such as Tencent Video. In order to maintain the market advantage, attract the attention and expectations of the audience, gradually form the audience’s understanding of the preferred platform for watching dramas in summer, and continue to cultivate the audience’s viewing habits, which may also become the focus of the video platform’s next work.

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At the same time, it can also be seen from the viewing habits of audiences of popular dramas that the expectations of modern audiences for activities around online dramas are not limited to emotional needs of love and belonging, but also psychological needs such as aesthetics and knowledge. Therefore, the finale screening of “Meng Hualu” well caters to the psychological needs of the audience, and its sense of companionship brings emotional belonging to the audience, which is also in line with the audience’s aesthetics, and allows the audience to learn more about the behind-the-scenes creation stories. Its popularity has also largely pointed out the direction for the planning and exploration of other online drama peripheral activities.

It is understood that Tencent Video will establish a coordinate system for high-quality content in the three dimensions of “breadth”, “accuracy” and “temperature”, and use this to break the boundaries of drama themes, forms, and cooperation, and will strive for excellence. The operation covers the entire creation chain, and works with the industry to create warm works to further meet the needs of the public for content.

Therefore, we expect more high-quality drama series like “Meng Hualu” to be launched on the platform, and we also hope that there will be more connotative, innovative and interesting peripheral activities for the audience to choose. (Gu Xinxin)

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