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Microsoft confirmed: Windows 11 is not supported on the M1 chip-Windows 11

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Windows 11 does not support Mac devices running M1 chip. A Microsoft spokesperson recently confirmed to The Register that Windows 11 on the Apple M1 chip is an “unsupported solution.” Windows 11 will be released on October 15th, and the preview version is currently being distributed through the Dev and Beta channels, actively fixing BUGs and optimizing background performance.


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Last week, a “hardware compatibility error” occurred when running Windows 11 on an M1 Mac through the Parallels Desktop 17 virtual machine. Later, Parallels released version 17.0.1 of the software, which seemed to solve this problem (at least for now).

The Register wanted to know where Parallels made changes to make Windows 11 work, but the company did not explain. Later, foreign media asked Microsoft if it supports running Windows 11 through Parallels on the M1 Mac, but was told that this is not supported. Microsoft also stated that running the operating system directly on the hardware is not supported.


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