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Minimum pensions, increases for checks up to 600 euros: who benefits. Novelty

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Minimum pensions, increases for checks up to 600 euros: who benefits.  Novelty

Minimum pensions 2023, by how much they increase and when the effects will be seen on the INPS check

The latest budget maneuver had ordered the increase of minimum pensions and finally fromInps the official confirmation arrived with circular 35 of 3 April 2023. To receive theincrease will be those who receive a check with a total gross amount equal to or less than the minimum treatment equal to 563,74 euro. Non-taxable benefits such as the fourteenth month or civil disability and accompanying pensions are excluded. INPS will pay the increase at the same rate as the pension (monthly, half-yearly or annually) and will be highlighted in the payment slip with a special wording.

Minimum pensions 2023 increases: what is the amount

The minimum pensions which will receive the monthly increase are those issued in the periods from January 1st to December 31st 2023 and from January 1st to December 31st 2024. In both periods the thirteenth is included. Minimum pensions below the lowest perceivable threshold are entitled to an additional and overtime revaluation of the1,5%which arrives at 6,40% for the over 75. Under the age of 75, the allowance goes from 563.74 euros to 588.82 euros (+38.06 euros per month). The sums are subject to taxation.

Se the minimum pensions are instead higher than the highest perceivable threshold (563.74 euros) but lower than the increased amount (572.74 euros for under 75s and 599.82 euros for over 75s) per hour the increases will still be attributed but up to competition of the aforesaid increased limit.

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For example, a 76-year-old pensioner who takes €590 in pension will receive a monthly increase of €9.82 until the maximum threshold for minimal pensions. On the other hand, those who take a check for 300 euros will receive 304.50 euros thanks to the revaluation of 1.50% or 19.20 euros for those over 75.

Minimum pensions when they increase

The INPS has not clarified when the increase will be included in the check but ensures that arrears for previous periods will also be recognized. From 2024, an additional revaluation of 2.7% is expected, net of the transitional increase. The adjustment will in any case be defined at the time of equalization for next year.

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