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“More inclusion for women, a battle for the whole society”

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The oldest association of Italian entrepreneurs, born in Turin in 1961. AIDDA’s sixty years were celebrated today in the Piedmontese capital, in the presence of the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Elena Bonetti family, of the Mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino, of the Chair of the W20 Linda Laura Sabbadini. A birthday celebrated in front of an audience of entrepreneurs and company executives who for the first time after months of restrictions were able to find themselves physically reflecting on the future of our country.

After the greetings of Minister Bonetti, the Mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino intervened, affirming that “it is more difficult for women to be in politics, to be entrepreneurs, it is more difficult to expose themselves. Let’s ask ourselves why. Many women are not free to choose, because today they live in a society in which there is a greater burden on the same women. In recent years, progress has been made, also thanks to associations such as AIDDA, but the battle must be for all of society, because if there is more inclusion, there is more capacity to achieve goals and it is more fair “.

The President of the Piedmont delegation of AIDDA, Marisa Delgrosso and the national President of AIDDA Antonella Giachetti who in her introductory report spoke of “an important moment for female entrepreneurs and for AIDDA who have created and supported the economy of our country. Today there are urgent issues to be addressed and the pandemic, which has proved to be a scourge but also an opportunity for change, has confirmed this. The frailties of the human being and the system have emerged. Our society must take care of our planet and people, acting collectively and individually. Today the future is seen more as a threat than with hope. An economic ecology is needed. There is no economy without ecology, simply because it wouldn’t be cheap. Over the years we have forgotten to account for the costs created by ourselves, and which we are paying today. In this sense, the role of women becomes fundamental because they can bring a new dimension. Female value can really make a difference, not only at the top but also in less top positions, because without it we are destined to question our future. Just as it is necessary to review the composition of our GDP, we digitize, innovate and use new technologies, but the human component must remain central ”.

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Linda Laura Sabbadini, also speaking at the Turin event, argued that “we must deal with the cultural resistance that exists, in particular, in our country. We must know, for example, that in the south more than 60% of women graduates work, compared to just over 20% of those who have a middle school diploma. We must break down these cultural stereotypes, often unconscious, by investing in people since childhood, with continuous training. We must say enough – said Sabbadini – to the textbooks where women are represented as housewives and men as bosses. We need a cultural revolution. ” The W20 Chair then focused on the Global Health Summit held yesterday in Rome, underlining the importance of the Rome Declaration, but also the lack of attention to gender medicine, because it must be at the center of the discussion. Vaccines, drugs we must know that they have different reactions between men and women. Medicine is currently androcentric. Sabbadini concluded by emphasizing how democracy is impaired in Italy on gender equality. In the Pnrr it is addressed only initially which should be seen as only a starting point ”.

During the meeting, Marco Gay, President of Confindustria Piemonte intervened who underlined how female entrepreneurship is an important part of a change understood not only as an opportunity but as a necessity for the future. For the W20 Sherpa Martina Rogato, on the other hand, “it is necessary to talk about responsible companies that are following a path of sustainability, seen as an important business practice to create value. The new generations are asking us for more sustainability, not only as citizens but as a necessary factor also for investors and for the financial world in general “.

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The event was also attended by other personalities from the world of politics, economy, culture and society such as the Councilor for Budget and Productive Activities of the Piedmont Region, Andrea Tronzano, the President of Confindustria Piemonte Marco Gay, Andrea Casini Head of Corporate Italia of UniCredit, the Rector of the Polytechnic of Turin Guido Saracco, the environmentalist Grazia Francescato, the philosopher and theologian Antonietta Potente, the entrepreneur Barbara Graffino, the economist Marco Magnani, the Head of Group social impact banking Unicredit Laura Penna, the Vice Rector of the University of Turin Maria Lodovica Gullino, the Head of delegation W20 Elvira Marasco. The various panels were moderated by the Director of Io Donna Danda Santini, by the Deputy Director of La Stampa Marco Zatterin and by the Vice President of the Industrial Union of Turin, Anna Ferrino.

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