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New customer bonus at Comdirect: secure €50 for your checking account

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New customer bonus at Comdirect: secure €50 for your checking account

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If you open the free checking account with Comdirect by March 1, 2024, you can secure a new customer bonus of 50.00 euros.

The prerequisite for the payment of the bonus is that the checking account is actively used in the first three months. The bonus of 50.00 euros will then be credited in the fourth month after opening the account.

The Comdirect checking account remains free if you actively use it. It offers services such as free withdrawals, Apple Pay, Google Pay, online banking and more. Click here to go directly to Comdirect’s new customer campaign*.

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Tired of account management fees? Then you are probably looking for one free checking account. There are now many providers, so most banks advertise attractive ones Bonuses for new customers. So too Comdirectwhere there is currently an exciting one Offer available to everyone who applies for a new checking account by March 1, 2024*. Is the new customer campaign worth it?

New customer campaign at Comdirect: 50 euro bonus for the free Active checking account

As part of the promo, new owners will receive the free Comdirect current account active one Bonus of 50.00 euros*. If you want to secure this bonus, you must Complete application data for opening an account no later than March 1, 2024 received by Comdirect. If your application has been approved, you still have to one of three conditions fulfill to collect the money. So you have to within the first three months either each:

at least Deposit 700.00 euros into your account

or at least three payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay make or at least a trade or securities savings plan carry out.

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Free checking account from Comdirect: This is how you get the new customer bonus

If you meet one of these three requirements, you will receive the bonus credited to your checking account in the fourth month after the successful account opening. Anyone who is eligible to participate is eligible not already a Comdirect customer in the last six months before opening the account were. So even if you’ve been to Comdirect in the past, you can get the bonus* – if this was more than six months ago.

What does the free Active checking account from Comdirect offer?

But It’s worth switching to Comdirect* at all? In principle there is nothing wrong with it. Comdirect offers comparable conditions to other providers of free checking accounts. The following services are included in the active checking account:

no account management fee for active usefor customers under the age of 28, for students, school pupils, trainees or interns

free Visa debit card

Free payment in the euro area

Withdraw cash worldwide three times a month for free at all ATMs with a Visa symbol (operators of the ATMs can, however, charge fees over which Comdirect has no influence) OR withdraw cash free of charge three times a month from more than 12,000 partners in German retail

contactless payment

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Garmin Pay



For The Girocard from Comdirect can also be booked for just 1.00 euros per monthwith which in Germany at around 7,000 ATMs from Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Hypovereinsbank and Postbank as well as at participating Shell gas stations and up to 13,000 retail partners Unlimited money can be withdrawn frequently.

You can also use your Girocard Free cash three times a year Deposit at Commerzbank deposit/withdrawal machines. You can also use the Comdirect app at many German retail checkouts deposit. The Girocard can only be used in Germany.

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Is the Comdirect Active checking account really free?

The Comdirect checking account is free if you use it as your main account. To do this, at least 700.00 euros must be credited to the account each month or you must make at least three purchases with Apple Pay or Google Pay or one trade per month. If this is not the case, Comdirect will charge you 4.90 euros in account management fees. However, the first six months are definitely free. Comdirect also waives account management fees for customers under the age of 28. This also applies to students, school pupils, trainees and interns.

Important: Costs can also arise with the Active checking account. Many services are only free to a limited extent. If you want to withdraw money with your Visa debit card more than three times a month, you will be charged a fee of 4.90 euros per transaction. If this applies to you, we advise you to book the debit card for 1.00 euros per month. It’s worth it for just three additional transactions per year.

50 euro bonus for the free checking account: Is Comdirect’s new customer campaign worth it?

It may actually be worth it Switch to the free Aktiv checking account from Comdirect and secure the 50.00 euro bonus* – but only if you also want to actively use the account. So you should make sure to deposit at least 700.00 euros per month, regularly use Apple or Google Pay or carry out one trade per month. Our tip: The easiest way is when you provide your new bank information to your employer. This is how you make sure that money arrives regularly in your checking account and therefore remains free.

Also pay attention to not to exceed your withdrawal limits, because the fees for additional transactions are not insignificant. You can avoid the high fees by, for example, withdrawing more cash at once instead of having small amounts paid out more often.

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More checking accounts from Comdirect

Next to the free current account Active* Comdirect still offers two additional paid checking accounts:

the Current account extra for 2.90 euros per month and that Current account Plus for 9.90 euros a month.

Compared to the Active checking account, the other two accounts offer additional services. You can find out more about this directly from Comdirect*.

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