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News | Apple’s new patents indicate that the folding screen iPhone is in sight

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Source: Caijing.com

2021-06-27 09:32

Caijing Technology News, June 27, according to IT House news, Apple has now obtained a patent (11044822) for “electronic equipment with flexible display structure”. This implies that Apple’s foldable iPhone or other Apple devices, such as iPad, and even Mac laptops, will usher in more forms.

In the patent data, Apple pointed out: laptops, mobile phones and other devices are usually equipped with display screens, and these screens also contain user-oriented image pixel arrays, but the display screen is usually composed of a rigid structure, such as a glass plate.

Apple said that this makes it more difficult to manufacture small electronic devices, and they believe that flexible displays can be a solution to this problem.

The patent outline is as follows: an electronic device uses at least one flexible display screen. The electronic device may have housing parts that are rotationally coupled with each other so that the flexible display screen can be folded along one or more axes. And this kind of equipment can be equipped with a scroll wheel for storing the flexible display screen, and when additional display area is needed, the scroll wheel can make it slide out of the housing.


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