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Starting today to fill in the college entrance examination volunteers, these 4 preparations must be done_Professional

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Original title: Starting today, the 4 preparations for applying for college entrance examination volunteers must be done

With the announcement of the college entrance examination results, the 2021 general college entrance examination in Chongqing Municipality will be completed from 9:00 on June 27 to 18:00 on June 30. Recently, the Sunshine College Entrance Examination Information Platform of the Ministry of Education issued a message to remind candidates that Before filling in the volunteers, candidates and parents must clarify the relevant issues and make 4 preparations.

The first is to collect information on colleges and universities, understand the policies of the province, be familiar with relevant regulations, and consult college admissions regulations.

Parents of candidates should have an overall grasp of the province’s college entrance examination policies, such as understanding the relevant methods and regulations for college entrance examination admissions, and knowing the voluntary settings of their category and the corresponding filing and admission rules. Understand which policies are very important, and whether important policies have changed during the year.

It is necessary to carefully read the enrollment regulations of the colleges and universities that apply for the exam and master the college policies. Among them are the admission principles of colleges and universities and the requirements of each major for candidates, such as the proportion of files, foreign languages, individual subject scores, etc. whether they meet the application requirements.

The second is to check the admission scores of the target colleges and majors in recent years and the ranking of the candidates.

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The admission scores of colleges and universities are formed naturally and cannot be accurately known before the end of admission. Therefore, it is definitely impossible to copy the admission scores of previous years to fill in the volunteers. However, without knowing the candidate’s ranking, the college’s upgrade line and the admission score line of various majors are still very valuable. Especially when filling in specific professional volunteers, it is best to refer to the admission data of the past three years.

“Knowing position” means knowing the rank of one’s own scores in the province. Candidates can choose different levels of colleges and universities according to the rank and score section statistics table. The principle of “rushing, stabilizing, and protecting” can still be used.

The third is to understand the enrollment colleges, enrollment majors, and the number of students enrolled in the province where the candidates are located.

There are three elements in this sentence:

The first point is “admission colleges, enrollment majors, and enrollment numbers”, which is what we often call the general college enrollment professional plan (professional catalog). Each year, colleges and universities must formulate their own provincial enrollment plan. The enrollment plan includes colleges, majors (professionals), levels, elective subject requirements, number of plans, school system, tuition reference, etc. With it, candidates can easily view admissions majors.

The second key point is the “province where the examinee is located”, which is to look at the province’s enrollment plan in the college’s provincial plan. Some provinces call it the “University Admissions Plan for XX Year”, and some call it the “Professional Catalogue of XX Year’s Enrollment”, which is the enrollment plan of the enrollment colleges in the province.

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The third point is “the year”, which is very, very important. According to the consultation situation in previous years, we often encounter confused candidates who fill in this year’s volunteers with the professional admission information of each school in the past. Be aware that if the major, name, batch, code of the college you reported is inconsistent with this year’s enrollment plan, no matter how high the score is, you will not be admitted.

The fourth is to understand the results of this physical examination and avoid schools and majors that are restricted to reports.

Students participating in the college entrance examination must participate in the college entrance examination physical examination. After the physical examination, the doctor will give a “professional suggestion for applying for the examination” according to the “Guiding Opinions on Enrollment and Physical Examination of General Colleges and Universities”. Judging from the results of physical examinations in previous years, many students’ physical examination results are “professional limited reports.” The “Physical Examination Guidance” in the medical examination form includes “Schools may not be admitted”, “Relevant majors are not accepted”, and “Unsuitable majors”. Candidates should avoid restricted schools and majors when filling in their volunteers, otherwise they will be admitted. The possibility of being dropped out of the file due to physical conditions that do not meet the professional requirements is quite high.

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