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Healthcare personnel in Vda, “encouraging signs in 2023” – Medicine

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Healthcare personnel in Vda, “encouraging signs in 2023” – Medicine

“The data relating to the medical and healthcare staff of the Valle d’Aosta Local Health Authority for 2023 show encouraging signs, with a significant interruption in the decrease in doctors and a reversal of the trend for some healthcare professions”. The Aosta Valley health company writes this in a note, specifying that “obviously this is not a sufficient result to fill the gaps – explains the general director of the Local Health Authority, Massimo Uberti – but certainly indicative of the effectiveness of the actions we are carrying out forward, always keeping the objective of guaranteeing the provision of quality care to citizens in a complex geographical and demographic context”. “We can say – he adds – that we have stopped the decline of recent years and in some cases we have reversed the trend and returned to growth”.

As published in the Integrated Activity and Organization Plan 2024-2026, medical management recorded a slight growth in 2023 compared to previous years, with an increase of 5 doctors compared to 2022. Veterinary, psychological and biological professions also saw an increase , reversing the impoverishment trend of previous years: there were a total of 350 healthcare managers in 2021, 351 in 2022 and 362 in 2023.

“The high number of participants in the numerous competitions put in place by the healthcare company – comments the regional health councilor, Carlo Marzi – confirms the validity of the path undertaken to attract new healthcare personnel. The efforts are aimed at positively promoting the right image of our healthcare and the career opportunities that our territory can offer, also by consolidating collaborations with universities to satisfy our needs for medical and healthcare personnel.

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