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[News Highlights]Zeng Baobao will become a state-owned enterprise or Zeng Qinghong is in danger? | Xi Jinping | Shaanxi Hospital | Huabei

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[Epoch Times October 08, 2021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is October 7th (Thursday) Eastern Time, and October 8th (Friday) Asia Time.

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Today’s focus: Zeng Baobao secretly criticizes Xi Jinping with allusions on Weibo? Fantasia or becoming a state-owned enterprise? Is Zeng Qinghong finished? Shaanxi Hospital involved in Putian Department? The girl who was not sick was forced to undergo surgery, signed and paid in the middle of the operation, and induced to use “Huabe” to borrow money.

The US Central Intelligence Agency said on the 7th that it has established a high-level group of the “China Mission Center” to focus on confronting the CCP and the national security challenges it brings. CIA Director William Burns emphasized that this threat comes from the Chinese Communist government, not the Chinese people.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said that at around 10:41 pm local time on the 7th, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake occurred in Chiba Prefecture, east of the capital Tokyo, with a depth of 80 kilometers. There was a strong tremor in Tokyo, and some bullet train services were forced to stop. At around 3 am on the 7th, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake also occurred in the Hernay region of Balochistan province in southwestern Pakistan. The Associated Press reported that at least one coal mine and dozens of houses collapsed, causing at least 23 deaths and more than 200 injuries. It is estimated that the number of casualties may rise.

The Nobel Prize in Literature was announced on the 7th, and Abdulazak Gulner, a professor of British post-colonial literature and writer, won this honor. The 73-year-old Gulner was a professor at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom before retiring. “Heaven”, published in 1994, recorded his 1984 journey to find his roots, and this book made him famous in one fell swoop.

On the 7th, Tsai Ing-wen awarded the Chairman of the Taiwan Friendship Group of the French Senate, Alan Richard, who was visiting Taiwan with the “Special Medal of Great Qingyun” in recognition of his support for Taiwan. On the same day, former Australian Prime Minister Abbott, who was visiting Taiwan, said that the purpose of his visit to Taiwan was to help Taiwan end its international isolation.

As of 1 p.m. Eastern time on October 7th, the number of newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, New Coronavirus) worldwide was 454,323, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 237,044,47,976; 7,774 deaths in a single day, The cumulative total number of deaths is 4,839,378.

Let’s enter today’s topic. Zeng Qinghong’s niece, Zeng Baobao, suddenly posted an intriguing post on Weibo, in which there was a sentence “The butt decides the head”, which seemed to be a secret criticism of the Beijing authorities through the classics. This further reflects that Zeng Qinghong has been defeated in the power struggle with Xi Jinping and is about to end.

Today there is a very hot news on the Internet that something happened in Xi Jinping’s hometown in Shaanxi. An underage girl with no disease was pushed onto the operating table and had cervical surgery. It seemed that she was from Putian again.

Did Zeng Baobao use allusions on Weibo to secretly criticize Xi?

Today (7th) there is a very interesting incident. Zeng Baobao, Zeng Qinghong’s niece and the head of the Fantasia Group, suddenly posted an intriguing Weibo. At 10:34, Zeng Baobao wrote on Weibo, “Professional matters are left to professionals, but the ass decides the decision-making of the head, and to the one who sits with the best buttocks, and the others are babbling, thank you. Steady, thoughtful, and focused.”

Zeng Baobao posted this Weibo, what exactly is she expressing? To talk about this issue, we have to talk about the most attention-grabbing sentence among them, “The butt determines the head.” Analyzing this sentence, you will find that it has some commendatory colors, but the derogatory colors are heavier.

This sentence is from “Dream of Red Mansions.” Jia Yucun thought when he decided the case. It turns out that there is no other knack for being an official. It’s just that the head directs the butt, or the butt decides the head. In other words, where the butt is sitting, the corresponding thoughts will be in the mind.

A person’s position and platform are different, so his views on the same thing and matter are different. Recognizing this, you will make a pragmatic, scientific and reasonable judgment. It is what some people often say “position determines ideas”. From this perspective, this sentence has a commendatory color.

But now when more and more people quote this sentence, they are using its derogatory side. In other words, he used his head as a butt and put it on someone else’s seat.

To put it bluntly, it is to criticize those who do not have a unified stand on what they say and do in what position. To put it more clearly, criticize a person for choosing a position and perspective that is beneficial to his position.

Analyzing this sentence, it is natural to see what Zeng Baobao intended. Free Asia quoted a current critic as saying that this is Zeng Baobao’s allusion to borrow from “Dream of Red Mansions” and boldly criticize the leader in secret, reflecting her dissatisfaction.

This commentator believes that dissatisfaction with those in power and dissatisfaction with those in power in the Chinese Communist Party are originally taboo, but they still appear from time to time, showing that the actions of those in power have caused dissatisfaction among people of many different factions.

In fact, criticisms of the Beijing authorities have been in and out of the system ever since Xi Jinping came to power. Especially after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, this voice became more and more obvious. However, the Zeng Qinghong family has always been hidden relatively deeply, and there has been little news of the Zeng family’s cynicism before. But now, Zeng Baobao came out to curse, which is unusual. Is Xi Jinping’s fight against the tiger approaching Zeng Qinghong, and Zeng Baobao can’t help but come out to use allusions to curse it? Quite a little bit of anxious feeling.

Fantasia or becoming a state-owned enterprise? Zeng Qinghong is in danger?

In my program on the 4th, through three signs analysis, the Zeng Qinghong family may not be well. One is Xiao Yanzi Zhao Wei who was listed as an artist with “political issues”, and a month ago, a picture of Zhao Wei holding Zeng Qinghuai’s arm suddenly appeared on the Internet; the other was Jackie Chan’s son Fang Zuming was also blocked by the Internet, and Jackie Chan was blocked. Known as Zeng Qinghong’s “number one trump card”; third, Zeng Qinghong’s niece, Zeng Baobao, had a bad business and Fantasia was selling herself to save herself.

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In particular, the news that Zeng Baobao sold its only profitable high-quality asset and the listed company’s Colour Life Property to Country Garden attracted many people’s attention. On the same day the news came out, Zeng Baobao posted a photo of “Dark Confrontation” on Weibo, which seemed to confirm outside speculation that Zeng Baobao’s company was in trouble.

As you all know, Fantasia was established in 1996, when Zeng Qinghong was the director of the Central Office. In other words, Zeng Baobao started the real estate industry by relying on the big tree Zeng Qinghong. When Jiang Zeng’s power was strong, Zeng Baobao’s business continued to go smoothly and he made a lot of money.

In mainland China, the quality of big business usually reflects the ups and downs of the forces behind them, and is the “barometer” and “weathervane” of the forces behind them. If business is not going well, it can basically be understood that the forces behind it may lose power.

Financial scholar Chen Youcheng told Free Asia that Zeng Baobao’s Weibo reflects that the Zeng Qinghong faction has lost ground in the struggle for power. Zeng Baobao may be suggesting that he intends to gradually delegate power to sell shares in Fantasia.

According to Chen Youcheng’s analysis, Zeng Baobao said “Give it to the one with the most stable butt”, which clearly shows that her backer seems to be unreliable. Now only Xi Jinping or the faction in power after the 19th and 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Their ass and backing are the most stable. After Fantasia, they may have to hand over to a public-private partnership, or be nationalized. This is what it means to “show weakness to the authorities.”

Chen Youcheng believes that Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign is actually a major reshuffle of the CCP’s political power. Xi Jinping cracked down on Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, and Zeng Qinghong’s family powers, and by investigating their economic problems, especially their investment and holdings in various fields in China, they were finally removed from the territory of political influence.

Now that Zeng Baobao sells his assets, it is already a manifestation of the absence of scenery, precisely because her patron has become the target of being attacked in the fight for power. Zeng Baobao sells assets in order to protect herself, which is the performance of her backer steadily retreating.

Zeng Baobao’s patron is of course Zeng Qinghong. According to Chen Youcheng’s analysis, that is to say, Zeng Qinghong was defeated in the power struggle with Xi Jinping and was about to end. That’s why Zeng Baobao sold his core assets, and may even become state-owned in Fantasia. That’s why she scolded her on Weibo.

But this scene is not over yet. I said that day that the drama was still in progress, so we continued to look down to see when Zeng Qinghong was arrested.

Major incident in Shaanxi, false surgery was exposed

Let me talk about another very hot news today. Today (7th), a scandal in Shaanxi was topped in the hot search on Weibo for a long time. An underage girl who was not sick in Ankang City was pushed onto the operating table and had an operation inexplicably. And during the operation, the doctor stopped to ask the girls to find a way to raise money, but they could not call their parents or get off the operating table.

After the shocking news came to light, the authorities set up an investigation team and issued a new report today. The report stated that the hospital involved did not have such problems as false operations, but “medical ethics is not correct” and must be closed for rectification.

The report stated that the attending doctor stopped practicing XX, interviewed and ordered the hospital dean to resign, and ordered the hospital to seriously deal with the vice president, department director, and XX. The notification also stated that the patients and their families had communicated and agreed with the hospital on the dispute.

I noticed that a Dr. Luo posted an article on “Taiwan Sina.com”, claiming that the authorities had “handled the incident quickly and with great strength” and that there were no serious problems exposed by netizens.

The doctor Luo also said that from the information reported, the hospital and the doctor involved did not have problems with signatures or false operations during the operation. However, Dr. Luo also said that this hospital also clearly has problems such as “irregular management, inadequate notification, and improper medical ethics”.

I don’t know the true identity of Dr. Luo, but his article seems to be whitewashing for the authorities. This is because from our experience, after an accident, the authorities’ notifications are often evasive, or a combination of truth and falsehoods, which distort the facts. Just based on the report from the authorities, it is said that the problem exposed by netizens does not exist, which is insecure.

Girls are forced to induce “huabai” to borrow money during surgery

Let’s first listen to what the family of this innocent girl said. There is a video on the Internet, which is an interview with Mr. Xu, the girl’s family member, by “Dianshi”. The video should have been edited, but you can basically understand what the family members mean.

[Original video]When checking the operating table, they asked the girl to sign and pay, and he (the doctor) said that you can ask your classmates to borrow money. The girl said I want to call my parents and my mother. They (doctors) said that you don’t need to tell your mother to your parents, you can use “huabai” now. Let’s do (surgery) first, and now we are on the operating table. After we get off the operating table, the blood flow may not stop.

The child took the mobile phone when they were free and asked the classmates to send a message to her mother. After her mother arrived, she was allowed to meet her girl.

Let me first explain that the full name of “Huabe” mentioned in the video is “Ant Huabei”, which is a consumer credit product launched by Ant Financial, a subsidiary of Jack Ma. After applying for activation, you can get a consumption limit of up to 50,000 yuan. In other words, let people consume first and then pay.

Since its launch in April 2015, this credit product has been loved by consumers born in the 80s and 90s. Initially, it was mainly used for shopping on Tmall and Taobao, but I didn’t expect that this business was also opened in mainland hospitals.

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From Mr. Xu’s statement, this issue is not like the way the authorities have cleaned the floor with Dr. Luo. So what is going on? I checked a lot of information and found that most of the news was consistent. Among them, the “Nine Schools News” in Wuhan has been sorted out more clearly, restoring the context of the entire incident.

On October 4, the student’s parent, Ms. Xu, reported that when the child Lu Moujia, who was at home on vacation, was browsing her mobile phone, she jumped out of a doctor consultation window at Shaanxi Ankang Xing’an Hospital. At that time, Lu Moujia happened to be a little uncomfortable, so she wanted to consult by the way. But the other party did not answer Lu Moujia’s question, and kept asking her to go to the hospital for consultation.

After 17-year-old Lu Moujia arrived at Ankang Xing’an Hospital on Bashan Middle Road, a doctor ordered two check-ups. After the examination, the doctor motioned to the nurse to take Lu Moujia to the operating room to continue the examination.

After being taken into the operating room, the doctor directly performed the operation on Lu Moujia. Lu Moujia believes that this is a routine check-up by the doctor, who has no idea that he has been operated on. Lu Moujia didn’t feel right until the doctor brought her a list and asked her to sign it.

The order signed by Lu Moujia was the operation consent form and the expense bill. The frightened Lu Moujia immediately asked to get off the operating table and call his parents. However, the doctor did not allow her to call her parents, nor was she allowed to leave the operating table, claiming that the blood flow would not stop after the operating table, which would be life-threatening.

Lu Moujia handed over all the RMB 1,200 yuan, but the doctor said that it was not enough and asked her to call her classmates to borrow money. Lu Moujia contacted several classmates, but none of them borrowed money. At this time, the doctor asked Lu Moujia to borrow money through “Huabe” on his mobile phone. And asked her to sign a bill of arrears, saying that after the operation, she would find a way to make it up.

No abnormal cervical stab surgery is just to make money?

During the phone call to borrow money, Lu Moujia took advantage of the doctor’s carelessness to send a message to his classmates, asking the classmates to inform his mother. The classmates also felt something was wrong, because Lu Moujia had borrowed a lot of money, and his tone was panic and anxious, thinking that Lu Moujia might have been kidnapped, so he called Lu Moujia’s parents. When the parents rushed to the hospital operating room, the doctor ended the operation hastily. (News highlights)

The parents immediately questioned the doctor: The child is still a minor student, why did he not notify the parent after such a major operation? Why not let the child call the parent? Why did you get the child on the operating table halfway through the phone to borrow money? Why induce children to borrow money in “Huabei”? Why is the operation consent not signed before the operation?

The parents were very angry at Xing’an Hospital, but when they read the inspection report, they became more angry because the so-called “plants” in the surgical consent form did not exist. “Plants” are commonly known as “polyps”.

In the inspection report of Xing’an Hospital, there is the words: “Ultrasound prompt: follicular echo of the right ovary, consider polycystic ovary pelvic fluid.”

Please note that the report of Xing’an Hospital only mentions “pelvic effusion”, it is not a “neoplastic”, and the so-called “polyp” does not exist at all.

The family members approached the hospital’s Dean Lin, who asked the business dean to deal with it. In addition to asking the above 5 questions, the family members also asked the hospital, why there is no “vegetation” on the inspection report, and it is necessary to have an incision and an operation? Is this kind of false operation just for charging more money, disregarding the health of the child, and treating life as a child’s play?

In the face of complaints from family members, the business dean said lightly that he would deal with the doctor’s irregular operation, the fine for the fine, and the expulsion for the expulsion. But there is no mention of the responsibilities that the hospital should bear.

The next day (5th), the parents took the child to the Ankang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for a new checkup. It was found that the symptoms stated on the inspection report of Xing’an Hospital were not at all.

On the ultrasound report sheet of the Ankang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the “ultrasound prompt” read: “There is no obvious abnormality in the ultrasound image of the uterus and double appendages.” There is also the signature of the examining physician “Li Juan” below.

What is “no obvious abnormality”? I am not a doctor, and I don’t know much about medicine. I briefly consulted a friend who used to be a doctor.

My friend told me that “no obvious abnormality” is a more rigorous statement, and the doctor will not tell the patient 100% that there is no problem. But in fact, “no obvious abnormality” is commonly referred to as “everything is normal”.

I also noticed that a suspected gynecologist wrote a paragraph on the Internet: Pelvic effusion is one of the ways that many bad hospitals scare patients, because pathological pelvic effusion does mean gynecological diseases and may also affect fertility. But in fact, a small amount of pelvic fluid is normal.

The doctor said that there are usually two cases of pelvic effusion. One is that some normal women have a small amount of pelvic fluid during menstruation or ovulation; the other is constipation. Due to abnormal bowel movements, a small amount of intestinal fluid may leak out, leading to pelvic fluid.

The doctor specifically stated that pelvic effusion is “a small amount, and the effusion is within 1 cm, which is physiological and disappears after a while”, and that “physiological pelvic effusion does not require treatment.”

Based on the above information, it is obvious that the 17-year-old Lu Moujia is innocent. In the case that the examination did not find any problems, the cervix received a knife. Not to mention the physical injury, but more importantly, the hospital performed the operation first. During the operation, Lu Moujia was required to sign an operation consent and she was also asked to borrow money from various places.

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Tell you a story you have heard. One person went to see a doctor, and after registration, the doctor said that he couldn’t see it, so he had to register for an expert number and ask an expert to see it.

The man spent 200 yuan the next day and hung up an expert account. Entering the consulting room, I found that the expert was the previous doctor. The man felt very puzzled and said, “I am progressing fast enough to become an expert in one night?” The doctor said, “I was an expert at first, and I was on duty for others yesterday.”

The patient said, “Well, can you just watch it for me yesterday?” The doctor said, “You got 200 yuan for the disease, and it was only 15 yuan for the ordinary number. I showed it to you yesterday, and the hospital lost 185.”

Later, the expert asked this person to do a laboratory test. After reading the test report, the expert said, “Nothing is wrong, go home.” The patient asked, “Didn’t it say that it was very serious yesterday?” The expert said, “The doctor said it was very serious. The experts said it was okay.”

Now it’s the other way around. There is no disease in the medical equipment inspection, but the doctor said that there is disease, and it is not allowed to say that the operation is directly.

I have noticed various comments made by netizens on Weibo. Some said that the doctor was an “unscrupulous doctor”, some said that the Xing’an Hospital was an “unscrupulous hospital”, and some said that “fortune and death”, ” Lost God’s conscience” and so on.

The Putian Department of Xing’an Hospital has many misdeeds and has done evil again?

Having said that, what kind of hospital is Xing’an Hospital? Some netizens said, “Good fellow, this is an operation. I thought it was an unscrupulous Putian hospital robbery.” Another netizen said, “Can I see Putian hospitals all cut and rooted in the rest of my life?”

Netizens all mentioned “Putian Hospital”, so is Xing’an Hospital Putian? “China Business News” inquired about the hospital’s shareholder list and legal representative, but did not distinguish whether the hospital was of Putian or not.

However, the report mentioned that from historical information released by the official websites of Xing’an Hospital and Ankang Fujian Chamber of Commerce, it can be known that the chairman of Xing’an Hospital is Lin Xiangyang. Lin Xiangyang has multiple identities. He is also the vice chairman of Ankang Fujian Chamber of Commerce, the chairman of Ankang Huaxing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, and the fourth executive member of the Ankang Federation of Industry and Commerce.

According to the company’s data, Xing’an Hospital was established in December 2018 and currently has three shareholders, namely Lin Yuteng, Wu Jianbo and Chen Guoming. The three shareholding ratios are 67%, 20% and 13% respectively.

A reporter from China Business News learned that Xing’an Hospital and Ankang Huaxing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital are closely related. According to the official website of Qichacha, the legal representative of Huaxing Maternity Hospital is Lin Xiangyang. This company also has three shareholders, namely Lin Xiangyang, Su Qingyun and Chen Guoming, who hold 38.46%, 38.46%, and 23.08%.

Among the affiliated companies where Lin Xiangyang was the legal representative, the “Ankang Xing’an Hospital” has now been cancelled. In 2016, the name of this company was changed from “Ankang Xing’an Hospital” to “Ankang Xing’an Hospital Co., Ltd.” and it has been operating now. In 2019, Lin Xiangyang participated in the New Year’s Party of Xing’an Hospital in the name of the company’s chairman. In May of the same year, he also participated in the survey of receiving members of the CPPCC.

It can be seen from the above information that although there is no clear information that Xing’an Hospital is of the Putian department, the identity of Lin Xiangyang has already explained the problem. It is very likely that this is another Putian hospital.

Everyone should remember that there was an incident involving Wei Zexi. According to the advertisement recommended by Baidu, he went to the tumor center of the Second Hospital of the Beijing Armed Police Corps to try the so-called “tumor biological immunotherapy.” After paying more than 200,000 medical expenses and time, there was no effect, and unfortunately passed away. The Second Armed Police Hospital was contracted by the Putian Department.

“China Business News” also pointed out that the hospitals under Lin Xiangyang have been punished and prosecuted many times, mostly because of medical disputes.

According to the relevant judgment of the China Judgment Document Network, the patient Hu Mou went to Xing’an Hospital for a painless abortion operation in 2018, and suffered heavy bleeding during the operation. After emergency rescue, he was transferred to Ankang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to continue treatment.

According to the judicial appraisal opinion of medical damage, Xing’an Hospital was at fault. The patient was later classified as Grade 10 disabled, and Xing’an Hospital had to take responsibility. In the end, the court sentenced Xing’an Hospital to bear 65% of Hu’s postoperative treatment loss of 115,300 yuan, which is 74,900 yuan, and compensate Hu’s spiritual comfort fund of 4,000 yuan.

In the world-famous Battle of Changjin Lake, the US military was proud of it and awarded the most medals in history. The CCP also promoted the battle as a decisive victory to reverse the Korean War. However, after the war, the CCP withdrew the designation of the participating corps. What is the truth?

In today’s Hong Dynasty, let’s talk about several scenes of this battle, the super tragedy created by Mao Zedong. Everyone is welcome to learn more in the member area of ​​YouLok. The URL of our membership website is http://muyangshow.com, and there is also http://youlucky.biz.

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