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Opel Mokka from €111 private lease: Top Deal at Koenigdeals!

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Opel Mokka from €111 private lease: Top Deal at Koenigdeals!

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Looking for a car that offers plenty of space, a cool design and high-quality equipment? If you want your dream car to be as environmentally friendly as possible, it could Opel Mokka Enjoy* be the right vehicle for you. With 100 PS It’s less of a highway rocket and more of a vehicle for the urban A-to-B transfer of your child, bowling and everything that belongs to your life. And with a gross list price of just 25.945,00 Euro it is comparatively affordable.

Opel Mokka: Affordable leasing offer for the compact city SUV

Leasing is often the type of financing you can use to buy your favorite cars the easiest you can bring to your home. And in terms of price, this payment method is often a cause for joy – for example in the case of Private leasing deals for the Opel Mokka. We found the right offer for this at Koenigdeals*. Private customers are currently leasing the SUV there at the best conditions. So you just pay 111.00 euros per month for the Mocha Enjoy. For comparison: With the competition you pay at least 50.00 euros more per month for comparable leasing contracts. This is what the price research in ours has Leasing-Rechner where you can also look for the cheapest deals for your dream car yourself.

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What you should know about the leasing deal for the Opel Mokka

As part of this offer* You can lease the slim, yet spacious SUV for a period of 24 months. The mileage is 10.000 Kilometer in the year.

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Opel Mokka private lease: You will have to pay these additional costs

With most leasing contracts you still have to be prepared for one-off special payments. As with many other leasing deals, this one too Private leasing offer for the Opel Mokka* One-off additional costs: These include the provision costs amounting to: 999,00 Euro. Registration costs and other one-off payments are not comprehensible on the private leasing offer page, but as a precaution you should expect to pay between 100.00 and 200.00 euros.

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Leasing an Opel Mokka: Overview with all the key data on the leasing offer

The most important key data for Leasing deal for the Opel Mokka* we have summarized it for you here:

target group: Private leasing (commercial leasing also possible)

Duration: 24 Fun

mileage: 10,000 kilometers per year

delivery time: available immediately

Monthly Rate: from 111.00 euros

Commitment fee: 999,00

Special payment: omitted

down payment: no

Admission costs: not mentioned (usually around 120.00 euros (one-off))

Leasingfaktor: 0,43

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What can the Opel Mokka do?

That you the Opel Mokka* We have already explained to you what it has to offer. What else do you know about the SUV from the Leasing offer from Koenigdeals* If you should know, we have listed them again here:

List price: 25.945,00 Euro

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drive: Gasoline

circuit: Manual

Performance: 100 PS (74 Kilowatts)

Top speed: 130 km/h

CO2 emissions: 141 Gramm pro 100 Kilometer

Emission class: Euro6d

Furnishing: Parking pilot, parking aid, touch screen, air conditioning, on-board computer, tire pressure control, traffic sign recognition, brake assistant, hill start assistant, multifunction steering wheel and more

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