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OPPO “No Routine 11.11 Press Conference” new color matching OPPO K9 Pro and new phone K9s debut-oppo 欧普手机

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OPPO held the OPPO No Routine 11.11 conference today, released OPPOK9s new machine, OPPO K9 Pro new color neon magic silver sea, and announced OPPOK9, OPPO K9 Pro, OPPO Find X3, OPPO Reno6 and other explosive models and OPPO smart Double Eleven preferential policies for IoT products such as TV K9, OPPO Enco X, OPPOWatch 2 series. There is also a surprise “OPPO11.11 Super O King Award” as the ultimate benefit to reward users, bringing consumers a sense of hard-core surprises at a good price and without routines.

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New hard-core machine OPPO K9s, long-lasting battery life without dropping the line

The new product OPPO K9s, the chip uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G, strong performance brings more advanced mobile gaming experience. OPPO K9s is also the first OPPO K series product equipped with the industry’s leading flagship X-axis linear motor, and it has cooperated with professional mechanical keyboard manufacturers “Dujia” to jointly debug and “install” the mechanical keyboard into OPPOK9s. The keyboard supports 6 different axis vibrations, creating an authentic mechanical keyboard experience from multiple senses of audio-visual touch, bringing hard-core romance to the extreme. In terms of screen, OPPO K9s is equipped with a 120Hz gaming screen, which can support six-speed automatic transmission according to different scenarios, bringing the best gaming experience while reducing screen power consumption. At the same time, the 5000mAh battery energy not only makes the game fun, but also allows you to play for a long time, making the game experience more immersive.

Not only that, the back panel of OPPO K9s uses the same Pixus colorful film as the Reno series Galaxy Dream, and the extremely difficult streamer crystal diamond splicing process to create an ambiguous purple quicksand color, and There are two colors of Obsidian Samurai and Neon Silver Sea to choose from.

The OPPO K9s 6+128GB version is priced at 1699 yuan, and the 8+128GB version is priced at 1899 yuan. From now until 0:00 on November 1, pre-order users can enjoy a discount of up to 200 yuan, starting at 1499 yuan.

Future science fiction, OPPO K9 Pro new color is on sale

As the flagship product in the OPPO K series, the OPPO K9 Pro won the double champion of sales in the 2000-2500 price range on the four platforms of JD.com, Tmall, Suning.com, and Huantai Mall on the day of its first sale. With the previous record, this time equipped with Dimensity 1200 flagship processor, 120Hz fluid gaming screen and 60W super flash charging OPPOK9 Pro, bringing a new color-neon silver sea, the design inspiration comes from the silver sea The aircraft in the fog, the alloy-like color combined with the integrated streamlined fuselage, brings more science fiction to the product.


“OPPO No Routine 11.11” conference, hot models discount to a new low

In order to allow consumers to get the most practical purchase discounts during the Double Eleven period, OPPO announced this year’s Double Eleven preferential policies for a variety of popular products, allowing users to buy and use them with ease during the Double Eleven period. .

Beginning at 20 o’clock on October 20th, OPPO will have limited-time benefits during the opening of Double Eleven. OPPOReno6, which has a super high-value appearance and is equipped with a 64-megapixel water and light triple camera and 65W super flash charge, will start at 200 yuan during the Double Eleven period. Starting at 2599 yuan; equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor, OPPO Find X3, a color imaging flagship with 1 billion color screens, discounts 500 yuan during Double Eleven, starting at only 3499 yuan; equipped with Dimensity 1200 processor all-rounder The light flagship OPPO K9 Pro has a discount of 200 yuan during the Double Eleven and only starts at 1999 yuan; the best-selling model OPPO K9 has a discount of 300 yuan during the Double Eleven and only starts at 1,499 yuan.





IoTThe full range of product benefits are on offer, with a maximum discount of 1100 yuan

Not only do the above models enjoy exclusive discounts, OPPO has also prepared a number of IoT product benefits for this Double Eleven. The sound and picture quality are excellent. The 55-inch version of OPPO Smart TV K9 is scheduled to be discounted by 800 yuan, and it only costs 1999 yuan when you get it, and then you will get a video membership card. The 65-inch price is only 2899 yuan, and a limited amount of 399 yuan worth of matching cameras will be given.


OPPO Enco X, a true wireless headset, offers a discount of 350 yuan during Double Eleven and only 649 yuan in hand; OPPOWatch 2 with super battery life starts at 999 yuan.



All of the above-mentioned double eleven special products will be pre-ordered at 20:00 on October 20th. During Double Eleven, there will be more interest-free model benefits. Search for “OPPO” on major e-commerce platforms, and you will have the opportunity to grab 1,000 yuanshen coupons and win free orders.

OPPO 11.11″Super O King Award, 1111 prizes for one person


Not only that, OPPO is also preparing a super gift to give back to users-“OPPO 11.11 Super O King Award”. The prizes include OPPO FindX3, OPPO Reno6, OPPO Smart TV K9 55 inches, OPPO Watch 2 Bluetooth version and a total of 1111 prizes. Welfare, OPPO official Weibo randomly selects a lucky O emperor to give away!

Preferential benefits are not routine, OPPO Mall is grateful to return

OPPO’s Double Eleven policy is good at a good price and does not have routines, and rewards users with a lot of benefits, just to make users worry-free and happy during the Double Eleven period.

Finally, since October 20th, Huantai Mall was officially renamed-OPPO Mall to give back to users with better products and services. From now on, all users who upgrade to the latest version of OPPO Mall can receive the “Thanksgiving Return Gift”; OPPO members can enjoy more exclusive rights. At the same time, the first batch of supporters of the mall APP can also receive a “surprise gift”.


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