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Opportunity for Rebound in Private Higher Education Sector: Stable Cash Dividends and Promising Valuations

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Title: Private Higher Education Sector in Hong Kong Poised for Rebound, says Huatai Securities Research Report

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Securities Times News – In a recent research report by Huatai Securities, it has been highlighted that vocational education reform policies in Hong Kong continue to be optimized and improved, creating a favorable environment for private higher education companies. The report indicates that the sector’s fundamentals remain stable, reflecting potential for a rebound opportunity.

With a clear orientation towards application-based learning and flexibility in school-running mechanisms, private higher education institutions are expected to benefit from ongoing vocational education reforms. The report also notes that these institutions have demonstrated stable cash dividends, with a current static dividend rate of about 4%-9%.

In terms of valuation, the PE (TTM) ratio of Hong Kong-listed private higher education companies is currently less than 10 times. This indicates a significant room for restoration in valuation, highlighting their cost-effectiveness as an investment opportunity.

Furthermore, the report suggests that private higher education companies in Hong Kong represent an oversold sector that is likely to witness improvement as expectations for β (portfolio beta) heat up within the Hong Kong stock market. This potential rebound, coupled with the sector’s solid fundamentals and stable cash flow, makes it a recommendable focus for investors.

However, it is important to note that the research report emphasizes that the mentioned information is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as substantive investment advice. Investors are advised to carefully assess their own risk levels and conduct thorough analysis before making any investment decisions.

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