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Osca: the relaunch of the historic Italian car brand

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Osca: the relaunch of the historic Italian car brand

A piece of Italian history comes back to life. Fabia Maserati has announced the passage of the OSCA brand from the Maserati family to Massimo Di Risio. A news that shakes the Italian automotive world that relives the great Osca successes dreaming of a glorious future.

From designing a motorcycle engine to world victories

Osca has its roots at the dawn of motoring, between 1800 and 1900, when Carlo Maserati designed and built his own motor for motorcycles. Unfortunately, Carlo died very young, but in 1914 Alfieri founded the “Officine Alfieri Maserati” in Bologna which became, thanks to the genius of Alfieri in a first phase (he too died early in 1932) and that of Ernesto Maserati later, a capable car manufacturer to score victories all over the world, such as the Indianapolis 500, won for two consecutive years, 1939 and 1940.

The Maserati brothers, after having sold their factory and the Maserati brand to the Modenese Orsi family in 1937, with the approach of the Second World War, with the commitment to remain in the technical direction for ten years, founded in 1947 in Bologna OSCA, “Officine Specialized Automotive Construction – Maserati Brothers ”. OSCA was therefore grafted onto a long tradition of design skills, knowledge, technical and sporting experiences, as well as entrepreneurship. Until the early 1960s, the Maserati brothers were among the major players in world motor sport and their small-displacement cars established themselves all over the world, very often beating the large-displacement ones of the major car manufacturers of the time.

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The return of Osca

Today, after years of inactivity, the glorious OSCA brand can return to the attention of sportsmen and enthusiasts by virtue of its sale, for automotive development, to Massimo Di Risio, founder and patron of the Dr brand who has already announced that he wants to be inspired to the tradition of the brand to work on a relaunch project, the details of which will be illustrated shortly.

The announcement of the change of ownership is the daughter of Alfieri Maserati, Fabia, who today owns the rights of OSCA Jeweles, of which she has just launched a line of watches.

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