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Passive Income: These 15 stocks have the highest dividend growth

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Passive Income: These 15 stocks have the highest dividend growth

Scrooge McDuck is the symbol of money and wealth – what you can build with dividends. picture alliance / dpa | Nicolas Armer

German stock corporations pay out around 62.5 billion euros, according to a dividend study by DividendAdel, DSW and FOM. This corresponds to an increase of 1.6 percent compared to the previous year and thus the third dividend record year in a row. Atoss, Nemetschek, Bechtle and Adesso, have increased their dividends annually and are among the companies with the highest average dividend growth over ten years.

This year, the 160 German stock corporations included in the Dax, MDax and SDax are distributing around 62.5 billion euros. This is the result of the dividend study by financial expert Christian Röhl from DividendAdel, the German Protection Association for Securities Ownership (DSW) and the University of Economics & Management Non-Profit Society (FOM). This means that the value exceeds the previous year’s total by 1.6 percent – making it the third dividend record year in a row.

The study examined, among other things, which companies have continuously increased their dividends, which companies have not reduced them for a long time and which have had the best dividend growth over ten years.

In the selection indices, one in six companies was able to increase its dividend by double digits on average over the past ten years, according to the study. Four companies have granted their shareholders an increase every year: Atoss, Nemetschek, Bechtle and Adesso – all companies come from the IT and software sector.

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These German companies have the highest dividend growth over ten years


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The software company Atoss made it into two top 15 rankings. Not only did the company have average annual dividend growth of 25.1 percent over ten years, but it is also an aristocrat contender. The company has increased its dividends continuously for ten years.

Performance Atoss. DividendAdel, DSW, FOM

Nevertheless, there are also some “fallen angels” in Germany, according to the study. This refers to companies that have either canceled or reduced their distributions over time. Which means: Dividend history is no guarantee for the future. The corona pandemic in particular has affected some dividend payers. The analysts take a look at the companies that had the longest track record of dividend increases until 2019 – and how their distributions have progressed since then.

Dividend payers that had the longest track record until 2019. DividendAdel, DSW, FOM

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What is striking is that only the group in the mineral oil and chemicals sector Fuchs Petrolub and the photo service provider Cewe were able to maintain their long-term track record even during the pandemic.

Disclaimer: Stocks and other investments generally involve risk. A total loss of the capital invested cannot be ruled out. The articles, data and forecasts published are not a solicitation to buy or sell securities or rights. They also do not replace professional advice.

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