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Pd in ​​chaos, “Piero De Luca’s removal is tribal”

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Pd in ​​chaos, “Piero De Luca’s removal is tribal”

“Piero De Luca, respected by all, is the son of the president of the Campania Region for whom Schlein feels a particular repulsion”

“No reverential reticence because we are dealing with an inadvisable initiative implemented by the far-left secretary of a party, the Pdwhich passes as the quintessential political correctness.

With an act of her authority, the secretary of the Democratic Party removed the young parliamentarian from the role of deputy group leader in the Chamber Piero De Lucarespected by all, because he is the son of the president of the Campania Region for whom the slime feel a particular repulsion. So in the Pd his secretary asserted the principle that the faults of the fathers fall on the children.

There is no right or left logic that applies to a choice of this type because it is a matter of tribal barbarism that must be denounced as aberrant. If an operation of this type had taken place in a right or center party, all the newspapers would have gone wild and there Gruber, Form him and Floris would have dedicated a part of their talk shows to what happened. Since the far-left secretary of the Democratic Party, protected by Carlo De Benedetti, carried out such an act, there is only silence and reticence.

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