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Pd-M5s, the federation’s hypothesis grows: Sala and Gentiloni in pole

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Pd-M5s, the federation’s hypothesis grows: Sala and Gentiloni in pole

Pd-M5s, looking for a federator

In the centre-left, the suggestion of a federator who can bring together that varied world in view of the political elections to come returns. As he writes Corriere della Seralast Saturday Pierluigi Castagnetti, during a conference, he alluded to this prospect when he explained that “after the European Championships we will need to build a new olive tree”.

And Matteo Renzi made his prediction: “The new Ulivo is the plan of the Democratic Party, but Conte will not federate it, Schlein will not federate it, an administrator who is in the field can do it… or a female administrator…”. According to the faithful of the leader of Italia viva the name the former prime minister was referring to is that of Beppe Sala.

The mayor of the Lombardy capital is liked by the left and, despite not having needed five-star votes for his election to Palazzo Marino, he is not at all at odds with that world. He boasts a discreet relationship with Giuseppe Conte and a similar friendship with Grillo.

Ma it’s not just Sala’s name among the possible federations of the centre-left. It is no longer a mystery to anyone (it has been talked about since last summer) that many dems allergic to Elly Schlein do cheering for Paolo Gentiloni.

They believe that, with his international knowledge and his good relations with the business world which sympathizes with the centre-left, the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs has all the credentials for the role of federation. So far he says neither yes nor no.

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In Bologna, However, it is rumored that in the world that moves around Romano Prodi yet another name is whispered: that of Filippo Andreatta, who would have on his side the fact that he still has a face that is not too well known and that he is well under sixty.

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