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Phalaenopsis is popular at the New Year’s Eve flower market and is still the new favorite flower among the top Internet celebrities.

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The strong flavor of the New Year comes to your face in the fragrance of flowers during the festive New Year’s Eve. The custom of visiting flower markets and buying New Year flowers before and after the Spring Festival has become a cultural symbol of the Spring Festival, and major flower markets across the country are experiencing sales peaks.

This year’s New Year’s Eve flower production area in Qingzhou, Shandong Province, has dealers starting to purchase and stock up before New Year’s Day; entering the twelfth lunar month, New Year’s Eve flowers in Kunming, Yunnan have begun to be shipped, and more manufacturers choose to live broadcast to bring goods; Guangzhou has expanded the scale of its flower market and flower street; The “First Home Gardening Carnival and 2024 Beijing Spring Festival Flower Show” held in Beijing will last until February 25, spanning New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, and Lantern Festival.

Experts said that the supply of New Year flowers around the Spring Festival this year is more abundant than in previous years, providing consumers with more diversified choices.

Phalaenopsis is still top-notch
Recently, reporters visited many flower markets in Beijing, and the fragrance of flowers was refreshing. Looking around, there are a dazzling array of New Year flowers, blooming one after another, full of vitality. No matter what their main flowers were before, during the Chinese New Year Festival, florists always put Phalaenopsis in the most conspicuous position.

Being able to become the “leading lady” of New Year’s Eve flowers, the charm of Phalaenopsis goes beyond its rich varieties, long flowering period and bright colors. It also symbolizes nobility and elegance, represents loyalty and wisdom, has a beautiful meaning, and is affordable.

At Zhongxing Flower and Tree Center in Huangtugang, Fengtai District, citizens who came to buy flowers told reporters that every New Year, a pot of Phalaenopsis must be placed in their home. There are even more varieties of Phalaenopsis to choose from this year.

Compared with last year, the supply of Phalaenopsis during Beijing’s New Year’s Eve season this year has increased, and new varieties are emerging one after another. Huashun International Agricultural Industrial Park, located in Shunyi District, Beijing, is currently the largest Phalaenopsis production base in Beijing, with more than 10 manufacturers gathered here.

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A Phalaenopsis producer told reporters that this year they supplied 70,000 pots of Phalaenopsis to the Beijing New Year’s Eve market, a year-on-year increase of 20%. At present, 80% of the goods at the base have been ordered and shipments are being stepped up. Due to the high cost of heating in Beijing in winter, the shipping prices of some production bases have been increased. As a result, the overall price of Phalaenopsis orchids in Beijing has increased by 5 yuan to 20 yuan, and the prices of individual varieties have doubled.

This year, the “Dragon Orchid” with inflorescences over 2 meters long and a single flower larger than a mobile phone and the macaron-colored color-absorbing Phalaenopsis have become highlights on the market. Manager Yan, a Phalaenopsis dealer at Zhongxing Flower and Tree Center in Huangtugang, Fengtai District, Beijing, said that this year they have launched more than 40 varieties of large, medium and small Phalaenopsis, including red, pink, yellow, white, orange and other colors.

It is understood that small Phalaenopsis products are very popular. Especially the orange, flesh-colored, and pink varieties, the price of a single plant ranges from 40 yuan to 70 yuan; the demand for large-flowered classic varieties in pots is strong. Among them, products priced between 350 yuan and 600 yuan have the largest sales volume.

Internet celebrity flowers become new favorites
The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Landscaping and Greening Bureau that more than 20 million pots of New Year’s Eve flowers were put on the market in Beijing during this year’s New Year’s Eve season, of which 6 million were produced locally. On January 27, the 2024 Beijing Spring Festival Flower Show kicked off at the Beijing Flower Trading Center. 10 key flower markets and 15 flower shops in Beijing participated in the event, simultaneously displaying and selling home gardening products and displaying home gardening space.

Nowadays, as the needs of consumer groups continue to upgrade, especially many young people have higher requirements for quality and innovation, people are no longer satisfied with the wide range of product types, but pay more attention to the characteristics and differentiation of products. . Currently, Internet-famous New Year flowers represented by amaryllis, holly, etc. are in a hot sales period.

“Friends, please look at this bulb in my hand. It is a kind of horticultural black technology. It can bloom without watering or fertilizing. It is especially suitable for lazy people.” At the opening of the flower show, many network anchors said: In the live broadcast, he took the wax-sealed amaryllis, which has been popular in the past two years. This is a round seed ball, wrapped in red, gold, and colored wax layers, with exquisite packaging that matches the occasion. With the beautiful meaning of “destined to be red” and “wishful ball”, it has become a new choice for many consumers. .

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At Chaohua Pavilion of Beijing Flower Trading Center, employees are working hard to assemble festive and exquisite gift boxes. The staff told reporters that they had just received an order of 400 pieces, and the customer would come to pick up the goods shortly. The wax-sealed amaryllis gift box retails for 158 yuan and is very popular. This year, Chaohua Pavilion has reserved more than 5,000 wax-sealed amaryllis, and the volume far exceeds last year.

North American holly, with its red fruits hanging all over the branches, is also recognized as an internet celebrity flower. This year, a warm orange variety appeared on the New Year’s Eve market, which is very eye-catching. In front of a stall selling mid-to-high-end potted plants, a consumer was carefully selecting North American holly. He said that he bought cut branches of North American holly during the Spring Festival last year. The viewing period was quite long, and he planned to try growing a potted plant this year.

In addition, the festive lotus lanterns, the fairy-like silk jasmine, and the cold-resistant iron chopsticks. Although these high-looking Internet celebrity products are relatively expensive, they have become the new favorites of many consumers during the New Year’s Eve.

Small and medium potted plants are popular
In the Beijing Flower Trading Center, several groups of small and medium-sized potted plants attracted many people to stop and take photos. This year, merchants have shown their talents in the design of combination potted plants. The florist chooses bright varieties, matches them with pots, pendants and other decorations with dragon elements, and carefully creates a beautiful combination.

In front of a small potted flower sales stall, the reporter saw dozens of varieties of longevity flowers, single-petaled, double-petaled, pink, yellow, green… that were dazzling. There are also dozens of products such as crab claws, cyclamen, bluebells, and fuchsias, which are equally eye-catching. The stall owner told reporters that during the Spring Festival, sales of small and exquisite potted flowers increased, especially longevity flowers, pingpong chrysanthemums, cyclamen, etc. that cost around 20 yuan.

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In the aisle of the Beijing Flower Trade Center, an old man in his 70s rested on a bench with a cane, surrounded by a circle of anthuriums, pineapples, colorful calla lilies, and pots of daffodils at his feet. The old man smiled and told reporters that he came here with several friends and neighbors. Every Spring Festival, he had to buy a few potted plants, some to keep at home and some to give to friends. In recent years, New Year’s Eve flowers have become smaller and smaller, but also more delicate.

Small and medium-sized potted plants have become popular among consumers in recent years. At Huangtugang Zhongxing Flower and Tree Center, an azalea dealer just sold four pots of peacock-shaped azaleas with a diameter of 1 meter and a unit price of 750 yuan for display in the hotel lobby. A rhododendron grower from Dandong told reporters that large-sized products are generally purchased by companies, and household consumers are more receptive to small products priced under 200 yuan. The production of azaleas in Dandong has been significantly reduced this year, and the Beijing market is in short supply, but the price is not much different from last year.

The reporter learned from Dongfeng International Flower Market and Shenghua Honglin Flower Market that currently sales of tulips, peonies, Australian wintersweet and other varieties with a unit price of around 25 yuan are relatively high.

It is reported that in addition to visiting the flower market to buy New Year’s Eve flowers offline, consumers can also participate in interactive shopping such as cloud flower exhibitions and AI flower recognition through the “Beijing Flowers” applet to experience a different New Year flavor. For example, in the now extremely popular “Jingcai Gardening Clearance” event, as long as you answer questions about flower care, you can get a home gardening gift pack. Nearly 30,000 people have participated. In addition, many flower markets have successively launched activities such as receiving coupons for collecting likes and sending Spring Festival couplets to stores to facilitate citizens to purchase the New Year flowers they like.

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