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Pharma, Marchesini strengthens: acquired a branch of the Milanese MAR Spa

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Pharma, Marchesini strengthens: acquired a branch of the Milanese MAR Spa

MAR Spa and its packaging conquer Marchesini: the new agreement aims to strengthen production in the pharma and cosmetics sector

With the’entry of MAR Spa into the Marchesini Group the range of technologies available to the Pianoro-based multinational for the packaging of products from the Pharma world.

The M.A.R. SpA is a company from Lainate, specialized in manufacture machines for filling liquids and powders into glass and plastic bottles, into syringes, carpules and other containers for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector. Their ascent began at the end of the seventies, when they created one of the first lines in the world for the packaging of pharmaceutical products equipped with weighing system in sterile conditions.

Pietro Cassani, CEO of Marchesini Group, who, following the operation, officially becomes the sole director of MAR, informs: “its range of products dedicated to filling powders and filling liquids, even in aseptic environments, represents an opportunity to enrich the range of complete lines offered by the Marchesini Group. In particular – adds Cassani – through Corima, Our company specializes in the technologies they employ robotic solutions capable of guaranteeing maximum precision in controlled contamination environments”.

Nonetheless, MARSpA’s organizational set-up and dedicated personnel will remain in the Lainate office, with an openness to the idea of “grow by hiring technicians and designers”.

This novelty, however, is not the only one boiling in the pot. In fact “Le synergies extend to the companies of the Group: CMP Phar.ma for process inspection and the Lombard companies SEA Vision, Auteco and Dott. Bonapace, respectively for the production of vision and data collection systems, process automation and laboratory machines”.

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