Home Business Piazza Affari goes up again today, a sprint by Saipem and Tenaris

Piazza Affari goes up again today, a sprint by Saipem and Tenaris

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Piazza Affari goes up again today, a sprint by Saipem and Tenaris

Day without jolts today for Piazza Affari which follows up the strip of increases inaugurated at the beginning of last week. The Ftse Mib stopped the clock at 24,699 points, up 0.42%. Overseas Wall Street is in tune thanks to the US producer price index which slowed down in October, adding to the signs of a slowdown in prices that emerged from last week’s CPI. “The data on inflationary pressures could really push the Federal Reserve to slow the intensity of the hikes in the medium term with an increase from 50 basis points for December (after four consecutive increases of 75 basis points)”, comments Federico Vetrella, Market Strategist of IG Italia.

Debacle today for Nexi who sold 9.84% to 8.80 euros. The surprise exit of Intesa Sanpaolo from its capital weighed on the shares of PayTech. The bank led by Carlo Messina has announced the sale of approximately 67 million shares of Nexi, equal to 5.1% of the share capital and the entire stake held in Nexi by Intesa Sanpaolo, at a price of € 8.7 per share ordinary, through an accelerated bookbuilding procedure.

On the other hand, on the other hand, Saipem shares did well (+ 4.98%) in the wake of the new offshore drilling contracts, three in the Middle East and two in West Africa, for a value of 800 million euros net of ship leasing costs used for work. According to Equita analysts, the contracts improve the visibility of the offshore drilling division in 2023-25. Including those announced today, since the beginning of 2022 Saipem has been awarded contracts in the offshore drilling segment for a total value of approximately 1.6 billion euros.

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Tenaris is also among the best today, closing at + 4.77% in the € 16.68 area.

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