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“Plans for trains and to connect Chiavari with the A7”

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“Plans for trains and to connect Chiavari with the A7”

Great attention to transport, both urban and connecting to the city and the aim of doubling the budget for road maintenance. The mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, is about to face the administrative elections of June 2022 thanks to a great commitment spent, in his first term, on the strategic development of the city.

Mayor, in Genoa many works have already started, but others are still missing. What do you think are essential?

Certainly we need to put the motorways in order, so that we no longer have to have the mobility and transport problems that exist now. And this is why the Gronda must be done quickly. It is essential precisely for motorway connections; not to mention that now we are already thinking about the Gronda di Levante (to join the A12, near Chiavari, with the A7, at Bolzaneto,ndr). To this we must add the trains, that is a train connection under an hour and a half to go to Milan and one that takes three and a half hours to reach Rome. These are two crucial factors in giving Genoa the international dimension we want. As for the territory of the Municipality, we must receive additional funding for the arrival of internet cables (see the article opposite,ndr), which opens up the possibility of having the national cloud here in Genoa, and completing all the structural and financing parts to make the port eco-sustainable by 2026.

Among the works to be done is the sub-port tunnel, which could put the current causeway into retirement.

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In the meantime, we must do it. When it is ready, and we will have the transport part resolved, we will have to ask ourselves what to do with the flyover: it will be a debate within the city. There are many hypotheses, from its complete demolition, up to making it completely pedestrian and cycleable; in between there are alternative proposals. Among these, the one that seems to me the most advantageous today, provides for the maintenance of an elevated stretch to the west, from the connection with the motorway and with Sampierdarena up to the entrance to the port, which is under the railway station of Principe, in order to allow cars to enter the airport; then the complete demolition of the part that today is in front of the Loading buildings (above the area of ​​the Aquarium and the ancient port, ndr) and the maintenance, instead, of the stretch from the former fish market to the Levante waterfront, but open only to pedestrians and bicycles. To bring together the ancient port and the Levante waterfront, which would be connected with a pedestrian and bike path.

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