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Quilt Home Improvement Century Jinyuan Flagship Store Opens!One-stop quality complete package “do not need to focus on everything”-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

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Quilt Home Improvement Century Jinyuan Flagship Store Opens!One-stop quality complete package “do not need to focus on everything”-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

Source title: Quilt Home Improvement Century Jinyuan Flagship Store Opens! One-stop quality package “do not need to focus on everything”

On September 12, the quilt home improvement Century Jinyuan flagship store officially opened at No. 59 Banjing Road, Haidian District, Beijing. The new store covers an area of ​​about 3,100 square meters and contains 4 real-life scene areas, which will bring consumers a new one-stop quality decoration experience! So far, the four-way storefronts of “Southeast, Northwest, Northwest” have been completed.

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It is reported that during the opening ceremony in September, Futon Home Improvement will subsidize millions of decoration funds, and launch preferential activities such as value-for-money redemption of home appliances and furniture, free upgrades, and gifts upon signing, to help owners create “ideal homes” with nine “ho” gifts.

Quilt Home Improvement Century Jinyuan Flagship Store Opens, Enabling Upgrade of Home Improvement Service Quality

As a self-contained brand directly managed by Shell, Quilt Home Improvement strives to create an exclusive “optimal solution” for consumers by integrating the resources of the Shell industry. According to reports, there are thousands of SKU main and auxiliary materials displayed in the exhibition hall of the new store, which can provide consumers with a wealth of product choices. In addition, all consumers who enter the store can experience multiple decoration schemes in the new store, and clearly and specifically outline their ideal home decoration style.

Liang Lei, the head of the Beijing Region of Shell Furnishings and the general manager of Quilt Home Furnishing, said: “Everyone has a different understanding of home, their demands for life, and their understanding of beauty. Therefore, home decoration needs to be personalized enough, through materials, design , schemes, colors, etc. make it more possible.”

As a one-stop smart home improvement service platform, quilt home improvement uses digital technologies such as VR, AI, AR, and big data to intelligently transform various processes in the traditional home improvement service industry, from design, main and auxiliary materials procurement, on-site construction, and after-sales quality inspection. Start with other links, create one-stop quality home improvement services, and promote the digital upgrade of the home improvement service industry.

In 2021, Duvet Home Improvement will realize the modularization, standardization and digitization of key steps of the home improvement process through the Home SaaS home improvement home system. Liang Lei believes that only when people abide by the rules and the system process is well established, can larger-scale collaboration be formed. Under the close cooperation of real estate brokers and home improvement service providers, quilt home improvement will deliver more than 3,500 projects to customers in 2021. In the first half of this year, quilt home improvement has delivered nearly 3,000 orders in the Beijing market.

From the dazzling data on performance to the successive landing of several major decoration experience halls, it not only reveals the huge industry opportunities in the home improvement market, but also the “prescribed medicine” for quilt home improvement aiming at consumption pain points and combining its own resource advantages.

Anxin promises that bedding home decoration “prescribes the right medicine”

According to the data of China Building Decoration Association, the market size of the home improvement industry in 2021 is about 2.85 trillion yuan, and the entire large home furnishing industry chain is expected to exceed 5 trillion yuan. With the continuous release of the demand for renovation of old houses and the incentives and blessings of the refined decoration policy, the industry is expected to maintain a compound growth of nearly double digits in the next five years. The entire large home furnishing industry will usher in further development and become a trillion-level sub-track that continues to grow in the era of housing stock.

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While the market is growing, the industry’s chronic diseases still exist. The report of the Shell Research Institute pointed out that the pain points faced by the home improvement industry include: “double low” industry concentration and corporate efficiency, low industry standardization, low level of industry digitalization, low professionalization of home improvement service providers and poor consumer experience. The “2021 China Home Furnishing Industry Research Report” released by iResearch also pointed out that on the demand side, quality is still the primary focus of home improvement consumption.

In order to overcome the pain points of the home improvement industry and meet the needs of consumers, Futon Home Improvement combines its own “five real advantages”, launches the “ten heart and soul” peace of mind service commitment and writes it into the contract, and is committed to creating a one-stop “no need to stare at decoration” for consumers. Complete platform.

The five real advantages include: the real assessment of workers, 100 training and assessment certificates, comprehensively improving professional quality, and truly guaranteeing the quality of construction services; real construction, 360° panoramic live broadcast of the entire construction site; real acceptance and rectification, 20 quality items are not passed Smashed and redone; promised real compensation, 10 major compensation standards were written into the contract; quotations were really transparent, more than 140 items were measured and pre-examined, and chaos was avoided from the source. In addition, quilt home improvement declares war on chaos and protects the rights and interests of consumers, including “malicious additions, double return”, “private charges, double return”, “material fidelity, false one loses three”, “product problems, Take the initiative to undertake” and other ten “safety service commitments”.

Yan Weiyang, vice president of Shell, once said that home improvement is a “service-heavy” industry, experience is greater than efficiency, and experience is greater than price. Therefore, on the server side, the bedding home improvement has also built a complete training system for industrial service providers, improving the industry average level from the dimension of “people”. It is understood that Quilt Home Improvement has a 2,000-square-meter Seiko Academy training base, 400+ project manager teams, 5,000+ worker teams and 100+ own installers, and every worker has 100% passed the training, assessment, and certification process.

In the future, quilt home improvement will be based on offline experience stores such as Century Jinyuan flagship store, combined with service commitments and quality cornerstones, to further increase industry concentration and lead the home improvement market to a “positive quality cycle”.

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