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Rai, properties for sale for 200 million

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Rai, properties for sale for 200 million

A real estate plan with 465 million investments between 2023 and 2031. A part of these investments should be covered by “valorisations” on the market of the existing assets for 200 million. The result will be a reduction of the footprint of 14% by 2031 with a reduction in annual real estate management costs of 10 million. These are the salient numbers of the Rai real estate plan – unanimously approved today by the Board of Directors of Viale Mazzini – as can be inferred from the numbers of a document sent to the Commission of Vigilance and that The sun 24 hours was able to view.

There are 21 pages in which the salient points of the next Industrial Plan are outlined and, more precisely, those of the real estate plan of a Rai which is preparing to launch an operation on a real estate asset of the State TV which, law, “presents critical issues in terms of seniority, maintenance and functionality compared to current needs”. There is talk of “640,000 gross square meters of owned properties, as well as about 110,000 square meters of third party properties (leases, concessions, free loans), all for use instrumental”.

In this context, RAI writes, real estate assets present “the need for substantial functional and / or regulatory adaptation interventions (eg Rome Viale Mazzini, Milan Corso Sempione)”. After all, the average age of the buildings is about 40 years. Another point to be addressed is the “oversizing of some territorial realities and regional offices with consequent inefficiency in the use of available spaces”.

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Then there is the issue of the “disorganized structure of the properties in Rome with intensive use of leases of limited size units” given that in the capital there are more than 30 properties for rent. A final point concerns the “logics of use of old-concept offices incompatible with the most modern organizational models (Desk sharing, agile work)” given that with smart working the presences are 60% of the theoretical ones.

The interventions foreseen by the plan in 8 years will therefore be on Rome, Milan, on the production centers of Turin and Naples and on the regional offices. In Rome, the “refurbishment and modernization of the building in Via Mazzini” is planned (which therefore, as anticipated by Sole 24 Ore it should not be offered for sale contrary to what was initially thought. The same will happen for the production centers of Saxa Rubra, Teulada and Nomentano. The “release of leased properties (for the office and editorial office component)” and the “Enhancement of no longer strategic properties” are also envisaged. Regarding Milan, we read about the “creation of a new TV production center”, but also about the “release of leased properties (Mecenate)” and the “development of the Sempione production center on the market”.

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