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Reporter Observation | What are the signals released by Beijing piloting the preferential loan for the elderly to buy a house? _full age_policy_program

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Original title: Reporter Observation | What are the signals released by Beijing piloting the preferential loan for the elderly to buy a house?

Every reporter: Wang Jiafei Every editor: Wei Wenyi

On August 4, Beijing will grant a down payment ratio of 35% for the first home and 60% for the second home, etc., for elderly families (60 years old and above) in the central urban area who purchase a pilot project of a friendly community for all ages and move their household registration to the location of the pilot project. discount.

In fact, as early as in April this year, in the second batch of centralized land supply, Beijing proposed for the first time in the country to build a friendly community for all ages. Pilot project.

Although there are only three pilot projects at present, the positive signal released by them is still regarded by the industry as a breakthrough in Beijing’s policy of loosening restrictions on real estate.

Against the background of the overall downturn in the real estate industry, the Beijing property market was also under pressure in the first half of this year. The sales area of ​​commercial housing was 4.461 million square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 8.7%, of which the residential sales area fell by 20% year-on-year.

For this reason, rumors that Beijing may “recognize the loan without recognizing the house” and “reduce the down payment ratio for the second home” were once rampant. However, Beijing’s policy of restricting purchases and sales has not been loosened, and this time it has only made a shallow opening in terms of being suitable for the elderly.

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Although more than 500 real estate market loosening policies have been introduced since the beginning of this year, the policies of the four first-tier cities have rarely been loosened, except that Shanghai and Guangzhou have had some partial and targeted policy fine-tuning.

After the launch of the preferential policies for elderly families, will Beijing take further steps to loosen the real estate policy?

First of all, judging from the pilot situation of this all-age friendly community project, it itself contains factors for further expansion. According to Beijing’s previous policy, enterprises are encouraged to voluntarily build friendly communities of all ages. As long as they pass the review, they can also get relevant policy support. That is to say, in the future, more projects will join the ranks of all-age friendly communities, and there will be more projects with a reduced down payment ratio.

Secondly, the Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee on July 28 pointed out “support for rigid and improved housing needs”, and the “Beijing Housing and Urban-Rural Development White Paper (2022)” released in Beijing on August 5 also stated that “it is better to support the commercial housing market.” Meet the reasonable housing needs of homebuyers.”

On the whole, under the current background, creating convenience for housing demand, whether it is rigid demand or improved demand, is the direction of policy encouragement, which is in line with the overall regulation idea.

At the same time, Beijing encourages the transfer of population from the central urban area to the Plain New Town area. The press conference on the 8-year results of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei held at the end of February this year revealed that Beijing’s population and urban and rural construction land have been reduced for four consecutive years, and the building scale has been reduced for three consecutive years. 50.2% in 2020. This pilot of a friendly community for all ages also requires the elderly to relocate their hukou to Pingyuan New Town, where the project is located.

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Therefore, while continuing to strictly regulate the property market in the central urban area of ​​Beijing, it is feasible to introduce corresponding policies for the Pingyuan New Area to attract more people to settle down and buy houses. Moreover, there are precedents for different regions in the same city in different regions. For example, the preferential deed tax policy issued in June in Qingdao West Coast New Area has achieved good results.

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development also said that in the next step, Beijing will further expand the construction of all-age friendly projects based on the summary of pilot experience, and at the same time study the support measures for reasonable housing needs such as multi-child families and job-housing balance purchases.

If corresponding policies can be introduced in the future for the needs of many children and the Plains New Area, it will not only conform to the regulation idea, but also release more rigid and improved needs, and better promote the stable and healthy development of Beijing’s real estate market.

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