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Rome and Milan top Italian municipalities for GDP from tourism

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Rome and Milan top Italian municipalities for GDP from tourism

The added value of Jesolo

Taken together, Jesolo, Caorle, Eraclea together with San Michele al Tagliamento and Cavallino-Treporti reach 4.4 billion of added value against the 4.1 of Rimini and Riccione which have always been considered the capitals of summer holidays. The famous and renowned Amalfi coast instead generates a GDP of 832 million.

Destinations in the South are in the lower part of the ranking because here the weight of unofficial presences becomes preponderant by several multiples compared to that of hotels and non-hotel facilities.

Hospitality in second homes

Cortona stands out in this ranking, where the unofficial guests have a massive presence, almost four times compared to the officials. The other destinations with a ratio of three or two times are Porto Cesareo, Trapani, Cefalù, Syracuse, Noto and Gallipoli, they are all in the South. Here the offer of hospitality in second homes and apartments far exceeds the number of rooms in hotels and resorts. It follows that here there is a minimal impact on the GDP because private rooms do not need many employees, professionalism and service companies compared to the classic hotel. «Tourism has the ability to generate income and entrepreneurship in complementary services» continues Preiti.

Wealthier taxpayers

Sociometrica analysts have drawn up a ranking with the largest number of taxpayers with Irpef income over 55 thousand euros, which according to statistics ensures a good standard of living. Corvara, in Val Badia, asserts itself with 11.5%, followed by Segrate and Milan. With a percentage of just under 10%, Courmayeur, Forte dei Marmi, Padenghe sul Garda, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Selva di Val Gardena and Camogli stand out. Similarly, in these territories there is the rate of entrepreneurship typical of the municipalities with the greatest tourist vocation.

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Finally, Sociometrica has also estimated the trend for 2022 which sees flows approaching 2019 levels. In terms of overall attendance, the study estimates 389.4 million admissions for this year against 436.7 million in 2019 with a gap of 10.8%. In terms of added value generated by tourist presences in 2022, it will exceed 89.1 billion euros against 99.9 billion in 2019.

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