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Sanctions on Russia? A flop. So China and India are booming

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Sanctions on Russia?  A flop.  So China and India are booming

UK, India and Russia: Neighbor’s oil is always blacker

Putin is bad and, consequently, all the raw materials he comes from Russia they are bad and cannot be bought. Buying Russian goods, the cheapest in the world, would allow Putin to finance the war against Ukraine and his honest and incorruptible political leader. With these premises, the European Union has voluntarily raised different sanctions against Russia. Among the many products that the West no longer wants to buy gas and oil cheaply from Putin. Of all the nations in the European area, the most fervent anti-Russians are non-EU citizens and political leaders of the United Kingdom.

The city of London is obviously a proud guarantor of the British hard line: no Putin, no Russian money, no Russian raw materials. However, thanks to a small legal-financial short-circuit and thanks to ghost fleets, the British finance and energy industry have found a way to buy Russian diesel thanks to the former Indian colony. Let’s make the point.

What’s this? The European Union, the G7 nations along with Australia and Japan, which together number about 1 billion people, have implemented sanctions against refined Russian products. The action was aimed at damaging one of Russia’s primary financial sources. However, something went wrong. As explained by David Wech, chief economist di Vortexa“we have no indications that Russia will decrease its exports of oil or refined products”.

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