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Scrapping, you have until December 5th for the second instalment

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Scrapping, you have until December 5th for the second instalment

There are still a few days left for taxpayers to pay the second installment of the scrapping of the bills: payments made by Tuesday will be considered valid 5 December, in consideration of the five days of grace, provided by law, compared to the deadline of 30 November.

In the event that the payment is not made, is made after the deadline or is of a lower amount than the expected amount, the benefits of the facilitated definition will cease and the amount already paid will be considered as an advance on the residual debt.

Taxpayers in flooded areas

Different process for taxpayers who have residency, the registered office or operational headquarters in the territories of Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Marche affected by the May floods: by 31 December 2023 they will receive communications of the sums due and will only begin to pay the amounts from next year. Taxpayers who benefit from the facilitated tax settlement have been able to choose to pay the sums due in a single payment or following an installment plan up to a maximum of 18 instalments.

As for the payment methods, taxpayers will be able to go to the bank, to ATMs enabled for Cbill payment services, with internet banking, to post offices, to tobacconists participating in the Bank 5 spa and through the Sisal and Lottomatica circuits, on the portal and with the Equiclick App via the pagoPa platform.

You can also pay directly at the Agency counters of revenue-Collection where access is permitted by appointment. It is also possible to activate the direct debit of the installments of the subsidized definition on the current account, as well as at the counter, also from the reserved area of ​​the site using the “Activate/revoke SDD mandate for subsidized definition plans” service present in the definition section facilitated.

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