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Shanghai’s Lingang New Area Accelerates High-Quality Development of Education with New Initiatives

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Shanghai’s Lingang New Area Releases Plan to Accelerate High-Quality Education Development

Shanghai’s Lingang New Area, located within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, has recently unveiled a set of “Several Opinions on Accelerating the High-Quality Development of Education in the Lingang New Area” on the eve of Teachers’ Day. These opinions aim to enhance the construction of basic education, establish a distinctive education model, and promote the development of education reform pilot schools.

This initiative also includes various measures such as providing special incentives for talented individuals in basic education, promoting the open sharing of social educational resources, encouraging open cooperation in education, and facilitating the integrated development of industry and education. The Lingang New Area Management Committee believes that the implementation of these opinions will provide strong support and guarantee the development of education in the area, with the ultimate goal of transforming it into a prominent hub for knowledge, innovation, and education.

Moreover, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has signed a strategic agreement with the Lingang New Area to collaboratively establish an educational reform and opening-up pioneer zone. Additionally, the Lingang New Area Management Committee has recently signed a cooperation agreement with Yew Chung Yao Wah Educational Institution to jointly build the Shanghai Lingang Yew Chung International School for Children of Foreign Students. The Lingang New Area has also partnered with prestigious local universities, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Shanghai Conservatory of Music, to cooperate in building basic education schools.

Since its inauguration four years ago, Lingang New Area has demonstrated a strong commitment to the prioritization of education. The area has strived to introduce high-quality resources for basic education, implemented innovative educational governance practices, and accelerated the development of high-quality modern education. Currently, there are 63 primary and secondary schools, including campuses, in the main urban area of Lingang New Area. In addition, there is one Lingang school site for the International School of Shanghai High School. Furthermore, the construction of 28 education projects is currently underway, with the aim of accelerating progress. The Lingang New Area boasts a group-run school operation rate of 100% in both the compulsory education and preschool education stages. This year, three new basic education schools were opened, including the high school section of Shangzhong Middle School and the Lingang Fengxian Branch of the Second Affiliated Middle School of East China Normal University.

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The “Several Opinions on Accelerating the High-Quality Development of Education in the Lingang New Area” and the various partnership agreements with renowned educational institutions mark significant strides in the development of education within Shanghai’s Lingang New Area. These efforts reflect the area’s commitment to fostering an environment conducive to high-quality education and creating a platform for innovation and growth in the field.

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