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Solinas as “the trout”, took his degree in Tirana. For prosecutors it is corruption

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Solinas as “the trout”, took his degree in Tirana.  For prosecutors it is corruption

Sardinia, Solinas in trouble for the degree in Tirana. Prosecutors investigate

The president of the Sardinia Region got into trouble for a alleged exchange Of “favorite”, between him and an entrepreneur. The governor would have proposed to Roberto Raimondi and his consultant Christian Stevelli a deal of this nature: you make me laureare at the University of Tirana and I entrust you an important assignment public. The hypothesis of the crime for the prosecutors – reads the Fatto Quotidiano – is corruption. The three are also being investigated for recycling. A fourth suspect is the businessman from Cagliari Roberto Zeddafor a second line of investigation that concerns a land purchase a prices deemed inflated between Solinas and Zedda. For the prosecutor, Solinas, in exchange for the appointment of Raimondi, would have obtained one honorary degree in Medicine from the University of Tirana, a teacher’s desk in the same university and a teaching assignment at the Link University of Rome.

For sure Raimondi– continues il Fatto – director of the doctoral school of research of the Public University of Medicine of Tirana“Professor at the Department of Public Health“, as well as “extraordinary temporary professor” at Unilink, a private university with based in Romelast September it was appointed from Solinas to Eni Cbc Basin of the Mediterranean, assignment of €140,000 per year for 5 years. And not without controversy, given that the head of the progressives Massimo Zedda, in the regional council had asked if Raimondi had in the past been involved in the scandal”Panama Papers”. A answer which it was not never arrivedbut which the interested party had flatly denied. The relationship with the degree is difficult for Solinas, nicknamed not by chance the “Sardinian trout”: before being elected, he only boasted a “diploma of excellence” in sociology dating back to May 17, 2006, received from the “Leibnitz University of Milan”. A unrecognized qualification dal Miur.

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