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South Africa: Russia’s largest supplier of oranges

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by: Andrea Spinelli Barrile | February 29, 2024

South Africa has become Russia’s main supplier of oranges during the winter season. The South African ambassador to Russia, Mzuvukile Jeff Maqetuka, said this in an interview with the Tass agency.

“We have no competition in winter: in December it is winter in Egypt and summer in South Africa, during this season we can easily reach 80-90% of the market and this share is increasing” said Maqetuka.

Overall, South Africa is the third largest exporter of citrus fruit to Russia after Turkey and Egypt, although in the winter “seven out of ten oranges in any Russian supermarket come from South Africa”. Orange supplies from South Africa to Russia could increase by a quarter in the next few years: “I have just received a report that citrus exports are expected to increase by 25% within the next three years as more plantations are established ,” the ambassador said, adding that “the climate is favorable for citrus cultivation.”

But there is another “South African excellence” that will be very popular in Russia after 2022, wine: “We are the sixth country for wine imports on the Russian market”, said the African diplomat.

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