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Spotify Wrapped: Financial flow and co. reveal favorite musicians

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Spotify Wrapped: Financial flow and co. reveal favorite musicians

Spotify-Logo/Collage: Elena Boeck

Spotify Wrapped is an annual feature of the music app that provides a roundup of your most-listened songs and artists to look back on your musical year.

We asked personalities from the German financial world about their favorite musicians of the year – everything from Taylor Swift to the Scorpions was included.

Interesting: Saidi Sulilatu from Finanztip likes to listen to Linkin Park, Thomas Kehl from Finanzfluss is a Tiësto fan.

From Taylor Swift to heavy metal to the Scorpions: German financial celebrities don’t just listen to stock market podcasts all day long.

With Spotify Wrapped you can look back on your year musically, and since it’s not just your own look back that’s interesting, we asked around the financial scene a bit for you. The music app compiles your favorite tracks every year to show you which songs and artists have shaped your year.

Check out what taste in music your favorite financial bloggers have here:

Tiësto at Thomas Kehl (financial flow)

Spotify / Financial Flow

Roland Kaiser with Christian Röhl

Spotify / Röhl

Rihanna bei Alberta Lehmann (Wealthyandconnected)

Spotify / Lehmann

Spotify / Lisa Osada

Taylor Swift with David Frank (young in retirement)

Spotify / Runte

Insider tips from Mareile Wiegmann (Geldgarten)

Spotify / Wiegmann

Taylor Swift with Saadia Touzri

Spotify / Saadia

Scorpions bei Saidi Sulilatu (Finanztip)


Tax podcast with Fabian Walter (tax fabi)

Spotify / Fabian Walter

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