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Stop motor cars, Italians fear too high prices for electric cars

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Stop motor cars, Italians fear too high prices for electric cars

Anna Sanfilippo, Chief Marketing Officer of Prima Assicurazioni

Stop motor and diesel vehicles, over 40% of Italians fear the too high prices of electric cars

The decision of the European Parliament of ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars from 2035 – currently not yet approved by the European Council – does not seem to alarm about half of Italians, while on the contrary four out of ten fear the prices of electric vehicles are still too high. This is what emerges from a survey by First Insurance – insurtech which has revolutionized the relationship between customer and insurance thanks to technology – commissioned to Nielsen.

In fact, practically one out of two Italians (48.5%) says they are not worried about the potential change linked to future vehicles. However, to counterbalance this trend, there is 40.9% of the population who say they are worried about the possibility of being forced to buy an electric or hybrid powered vehicle, with particular reference to prices, still considered too high and perceived as not necessarily destined to decline in the short to medium term. Lastly, the remaining 10.6% of Italians still haven’t got an idea about the issue.

Despite the perplexities expressed so far by some countries (including Italy itself) about the measure, half of the respondents to the research demonstrated that they are therefore ready to replace your vehicle per reduce emissions. In particular, among those who declared that they were not worried, 19.3% say they are already ready to make the transition to electric power and would therefore anticipate the times compared to the date of 2035, while 29.2% would do so when it will no longer be possible to procrastinate further.

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Looking at the territorial cross-section of the survey, concerns about price, on the other hand, seem to be more pressing in the North, where the Italian percentage rises to 46.4% (North-West) and 42.2% (North-East); the Center appears to be the macro-area of ​​the country with the fewest worried motorists (37%).

“Given the urgency that the climate change before us, the EU has adopted a very ambitious goal, which is to become the first continent to zero emissions”, he comments Anna SanfilippoChief Marketing Officer di First Insurance.

“The debate on how to achieve carbon neutrality – he continues Sanfilippo – is open, as our research shows: as a leader in the direct channel of the motor segment, with a 30% market share, Prima closely follows developments in the sector and listens to the opinion of Italian motorists, who seem torn between environmental sensitivity and fears of the possible impact of change on their family budgets”.

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