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Stop pretending to “hold in hand” Huawei Hongmeng system is actually not a charity but a very simple thing_Apps

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Original title: Don’t pretend to “hold hands” Huawei Hongmeng system is actually not a charity but a very simple matter

On July 29, when Huawei released the P50 series of mobile phones, some companies declared that they “support Hongmeng” and “hold Hongmeng in hand”. In fact, it makes the knowledgeable people find it very ridiculous, but it is just for companies to make their own apps and so on. Software applications entering Hongmeng system are no different from entering Android, and there is no difficulty, and there is no need to spend much money or energy.

Any single enterprise entering Hongmeng is like a grain of sand in the ocean, it is neither great nor very useful. Huawei Hongmeng is a mobile phone operating system. Huawei mobile phones and many Huawei terminals now use the Hongmeng system. The mobile phone operating system has been monopolized by Google and Apple for many years. Since Google has not let Huawei use the Android system, Huawei’s terminals can only be developed by itself. Hongmeng system, but the biggest problem of Hongmeng system is to attract all kinds of Internet applications. If users can’t easily download software in Hongmeng system, they will be disappointed and feel that it is not easy to use. Therefore, Huawei has repeatedly invited various Internet applications to settle in. .

There are millions of application books in the Android App Store, which means that the number of applications that enter the Huawei Hongmeng system will eventually reach several million. Any APP entering Hongmeng is only one of the hundreds of thousands of Hongmeng applications.

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However, it is a good thing for the Internet applications of some companies to enter Hongmeng, but it does not need to be too tall. For example, I saw an article on the Internet that wrote “Pocket Banking App is Holding Hongmeng Ecosystem”. The article stated that Ping An Bank had actively partnered with Huawei early on and made relevant arrangements. As early as the beta version of Huawei’s Hongmeng system, the Ping An Pocket Bank APP closely contacted Huawei and verified the application experience.

Dong Mingzhu also said: “The Hongmeng operating system will be introduced in the future.” Then he was praised like a star.

In addition, Midea said that as of May 2021, in only one year, 17 categories and 74 Hongmeng products have been put on the shelves (100+ models under planning); there will be nearly 200 products on the shelves throughout the year, with millions of units. Midea products equipped with the Hongmeng system are oriented to the market and finally realize the full link from hardware to software.

I don’t know whether the entrepreneurs who wrote these press releases or said these words really understand it or not, whether they really support Hongmeng, or use Hongmeng as a gimmick. Cooperation with Hongmeng is actually too simple. You only need to develop an APP that adapts to the Hongmeng system. , To apply for the station, Huawei Hongmeng system will approve it. There is not much work to be done, it is the same as APP adapting to Android or Apple iOS.

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This is not a charity to Huawei, but it is also beneficial to the Internet applications of various enterprises. On July 19, Huawei also announced that the number of end users of the Hongmeng system has reached 50 million.Return to Sohu to see more


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