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Tariff tax items “new” to benefit people’s livelihood, seek innovation and promote openness_Hangzhou Net

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Tariff tax items “new” to benefit people’s livelihood, seek innovation and promote openness_Hangzhou Net

CCTV news:On December 29, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council issued an announcement that China will adjust the import and export tariffs of some commodities in 2023. Most of the medical supplies and consumer goods directly related to people’s lives will be reduced or directly reduced to zero tariffs. According to industry insiders, this adjustment reduces the import tariffs of some resource products, raw materials, parts and components, etc., which will further meet the needs of people’s life, enterprise production and social development, and give full play to the role of tariffs as the link between domestic and international dual cycles.

Provisional import tax rates will be implemented on 1,020 items from January next year

According to the announcement, from January 1, 2023, China will implement a provisional import tax rate lower than the most-favored-nation tax rate for 1,020 commodities.

China implements zero tariffs on some raw materials for anti-coronavirus drugs

The 1,020 items mainly include, one is to implement zero tariffs on some drugs, including some anticancer drug raw materials, anti-new coronavirus drug raw materials, and cancer pain relief drugs, etc. Import duties on medical supplies.

Benefiting the people’s livelihood: adjusting tariffs on some consumer goods to better meet demand

Industry experts said that the second category of commodities adjusted this time is to comply with the trend of consumption upgrading and meet the consumption needs of residents with high-quality supply. For example, some new tariff-reduced products include homogenized mixed foods such as fruit puree for infants and young children, frozen blue cod, and some daily small household appliances such as coffee machines, juicers, and hair dryers.

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Adjust tariffs on some agricultural products and advanced manufacturing products

In addition, the adjustment also includes some agricultural products and related products of some advanced manufacturing industries. According to the latest tariff catalogue, white tea and jasmine tea are included in the list separately for the first time, and 5 kinds of vegetable seeds such as carrots and broccoli, as well as technological products such as surgical robots and lidar, have become new tax items.

In 2023, the total number of tariff lines in China will reach 8948

After the adjustment, the total number of tariff lines in China will reach 8,948.

Precisely adjust tariffs and reduce the import tax rate of potash fertilizers to zero

According to reports, China adjusts the import and export tariffs of some commodities every year, not only adding new commodity tax items, but also adjusting tax rates. In 2023, the provisional import tax rate of potash fertilizer will be directly reduced from 1% in 2022 to zero.

Tax cuts reduce business costs and speed up industrial transformation and upgrading

According to expert analysis, tax cuts on raw materials, intermediate products and parts are conducive to reducing the cost of enterprises, and are also conducive to the introduction of advanced technologies and products, helping enterprises to have more funds to invest in reproduction, forming a virtuous cycle of production and sales, stimulating the vitality of enterprises to innovate, and accelerating Industrial transformation and upgrading.

A number of tariff adjustments promote innovative development and enhance the resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain

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Gao Yuning, deputy director of the Institute of International Development and Global Governance, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University:It can better guarantee the stable and safe operation of the key links and key steps of the industrial chain supply chain, and further promote the innovative structural adjustment and upgrading of the industrial chain.

Next year, the eighth step of tax reduction will be implemented on the most favored nation tax rate of 62 products

From July 1, 2023, China will also implement the eighth step of tax reduction on the most-favored-nation tax rates for 62 information technology products.

After the adjustment, the overall level of China’s tariffs will be reduced from 7.4% to 7.3%.

After adjustment, China’s overall tariff level will be reduced from 7.4% to 7.3%. At that time, the import tariff rate of important medical equipment such as B-ultrasound diagnostic equipment, color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging equipment, and X-ray tomography equipment will be reduced to zero, which will help reduce the cost of medical equipment imports and better meet domestic medical needs. need.

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