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The 4th winner of the Best Entrepreneur: Kim Vaessen Climatrix (Dilsen-Stokkem)

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Dilsen-Stokkem –

Who will be the Best Entrepreneur in Limburg? There are still five candidates in the running for the prestigious title awarded by Made in Limburg and Het Belang van Limburg. Today we introduce the fourth nominee to you: Kim Vaessen from Climatrix.

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Kim Vaessen comes from the entrepreneurial family of brothers Jos (Vasco), Rob (Rofix, her father), Gerrit and Leon Vaessen from Dilsen-Stokkem. Entrepreneurship is in her blood. In 2011 she founded her own company Climatrix. The company name already betrays the niche: specialization in floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling.

Kim certainly knew how to hold her own in a technical environment dominated by men. Meanwhile, the niche company has a turnover of 12.2 million euros with 34 employees, called Climaten: people with a cool head and a warm heart. Kim still has big plans for her company. There are concrete plans for further growth at home and abroad. With the Netherlands as the first target.

Have you encountered the ‘glass ceiling’?

Kim Vaessen: “I started Climatrix when I was 33 and wanted to market it as a brand. Then I had to compete with established names such as Vasco and Radson, two other major Limburg brands. As a woman, this was certainly not obvious in the construction world, which was then dominated by men. I still remember that in the early days at the Batibouw stand they thought I was the hostess. Every site meeting was then only ‘manned’. But I continued to believe in myself. That has also shaped me positively after 13 years. My young age also played a role. In the beginning I didn’t have any references to provide. But in the meantime I have managed to prove that Climatrix is ​​also an established name in the construction world.”

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Why should more women do business?

“I would say: everyone should do more. I do notice that women need an extra push, especially if they also have a family to run. When we started Climatrix, our children were 3 and 6 years old. But thanks to the great support of my husband and family, it was doable. A good safety net is then indispensable.”

“In 2016 I won the Livia Award and started getting involved in female entrepreneurship. There I experienced their special concerns. I’m still amazed at how few female business leaders there are and how they have to fight for their place. Fortunately, I now see things gradually changing, because the young generation of female entrepreneurs is joining in with great enthusiasm. I certainly want to be a sounding board for them. In addition, I am convinced that men and women often place different emphasis and often choose a different approach. That is neither good nor bad, just different.”

Why could you be the Best Entrepreneur in Limburg?

“I think it’s great that I can be included in this list. We can be proud of the path we have completed in barely 13 years. Climatrix is ​​therefore a growth company. We have tripled our turnover in five years. And we are looking for additional Climaten. The trick will be to find and keep the right people. But I am most proud of my entire team. We have now found a new location to build a new business building. Because where we are now has become too small again. That certainly creates a new vibe throughout the company.”

You can vote until March 3 via made-in.be/strafste-ondernemerster.

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