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Very chic wedding, but Regi wears a “75 euro suit from Zara” at his wedding

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Regi Penxten (47) and Kristel Hubeny (35) tied the knot in South Africa on Tuesday. It can already be called the showbiz wedding of the year. The two threw a chic party with lots of bells and whistles. There is no doubt that Regi does not have to worry about a cent. But when it comes to his costume, the decadence seems to fly overboard.

The driving force behind Milk Inc. wore a beige suit at the party for – according to her – only “75 euros”, purchased from the clothing chain Zara. Singer and good friend Jaap Reesema appeared in a very similar outfit. “Do you see the difference? 75 euros from Zara, 8,500 euros made to measure,” Regi compares their suits in a video on Instagram. “So you see who is successful, right,” he says, laughing.

When the groom swings open his suit vest to reveal the Zara label, the hilarity is complete. “No, really?!,” screams Jaap Resema, after which a group of other guests also start laughing loudly.

Later that day, the Limburger opted for a custom-made copy. (wvb)

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