Home Business The crash of the Nasdaq triggers sales on the EU stock exchanges, the “Generali case” in Piazza Affari

The crash of the Nasdaq triggers sales on the EU stock exchanges, the “Generali case” in Piazza Affari

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(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – The crash of the Nasdaq followed closely by the Asian exchanges triggers a session in the red also for the European exchanges. The CAC 40 in Paris and the FTSE MIB in Piazza Affari are the most penalized and the sectors most affected are technology and retail sales. The decline in US prices was favored by the prospect that in the course of 2022 the Federal Reserve will carry out not only three increases in interest rates, as envisaged by the institute. The data of the last few days have shown that US inflation continues to run (+ 7% annually in December) and the economists recall among other things that 2022 will also be a key year for the appointment with the mid-term elections. . Ready to go the season of American quarterly reports with the big names in the banking sector, such as JpMorgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo, who will publish the accounts for the third quarter.

On the currency market, the euro it remains well above $ 1.14. The spread between BTp and Bund was flat after the sharp recovery for the prices of Italian securities in the second part of the last session. The yield of the benchmark ten-year BTp was also stable at 1.29 per cent.

The Generali case breaks out in Milan

In Piazza Affari, all eyes are on Generali, after the surprise announcement of the resignation from the board of directors of Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone. A move that highlights the high tension at the top of the insurance company. The announcement could also provoke tremors in Mediobanca, the largest shareholder of Generali and the institution in which both Caltagirone and Leonardo Del Vecchio are present (the latter is the largest shareholder). Outside the main basket, headlights turned on on Webuild after the announcement that new orders acquired and being finalized during the year amount to approximately 10.8 billion, of which over 95% in key geographies, such as Italy, USA, Australia , France, Austria and Northern Countries. On the Ftse Mib only Leonardo stands out positively who has obtained an order from the Austrian Defense for the supply of helicopters: the contract is worth 346 million euros, the worst is Stmicroelectronics, confirming the pressure on technology stocks.

Tokyo stock market, closing -1.3% for the Nikkei

The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed lower, due to concerns, already present on Wall Street the day before, related to a possible more aggressive rate hike than expected by the Federal Reserve to counter the inflationary spiral in the United States. The leading NIKKEI 225 index closed at its lowest level since the beginning of the year. New US employment and price data have further convinced investors that the US Central Bank will bring out heavy inflation artillery.

The red of Wall Street and the words of Brainard

European equity markets ended up moving in no particular order on Thursday in an attempt to stabilize after the high volatility start to the year. In Piazza Affari the FTSE MIB finished up by 0.47%, like Madrid (+ 0.46%). Frankfurt remained broadly on par, while Paris lost 0.5 percent. -0.2x%.

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