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The girl called out “Brother” and 16 brothers responded in unison

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The girl called out “Brother” and 16 brothers responded in unison

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Today is the fourth day of the first lunar month,Wednesday


Interpretation of the truth:

In fact, tea contains complex ingredients such as caffeine, theophylline and theobromine, which can indeed significantly stimulate gastric acid secretion, promote gastric motility, increase gastric acid secretion, and help food digestion. However, drinking tea only changes the process and feeling of digestion, not the result of digestion. The energy of the food we eat is not lost by drinking tea. It is even more important to note that if you drink tea brewed with 15 grams of dry tea after a meal, it will reduce the absorption of iron in food by 50%. Therefore, drinking tea not only does not have the effect of scraping oil and losing weight, on the contrary, drinking tea after meals may also have adverse effects on the body.

(Information source: Learning Power)

Common concern

  • What should I do if I eat too much during Chinese New Year?try this action

    During the Spring Festival dinner, what should I do if I accidentally eat too much? Try this sideways stretch to help relieve bloating and improve digestion. Push 10 times on the left and right sides every day, learn together↓↓↓

  • There is new news on the renovation of a number of old residential areas in Wuhan

    Recently, many Wuhan citizens want to know about the renovation of old residential areas, and relevant departments have responded. Click here for details. →Details

heartwarming moment

  • Special reunion!Wife sets off fireworks for reunion while husband drives train past home

    Guo Longfei is a train driver of the National Railway Xi’an Bureau. This year’s Spring Festival, his wife, who is a nurse, is finally free to go home for the New Year, but he is even busier as he is on the front line of Spring Festival travel. Before the Spring Festival, the family met to complete the reunion in a special way: as night fell, when the train driven by Guo Longfei passed by the door, fireworks rose into the sky. The children shouted happily, and the mother and wife watched from a distance. Guo Longfei, who saw the fireworks, said, “Just think I’m home!”

  • Grandma sewed 5 Hanfus of 5 dynasties for her 3-year-old granddaughter

    After retirement, a 60-year-old grandmother in Changsha, Hunan, taught herself how to make Hanfu. She sewed a horse-face skirt for her 3-year-old granddaughter as a new dress for the Year of the Rabbit. Over the past two months, Grandma Ma has made six sets of Hanfu for her granddaughter in five dynasties. Grandma Ma said that in the future, she will try to make the costumes of each dynasty again, so that children can understand and love Hanfu from an early age.

Thrilling moment

  • Man walks 300 kilometers home after quarrel but walks the wrong way

    “I want to drink some water, but I haven’t eaten for several meals.” On January 22, a man in Wuhan, Hubei Province, decided not to eat or drink because of a quarrel with his colleagues. Monitoring found. After listening to the man’s narration, the policeman said: “I still walked back to Xiangyang. How can I go back along the third ring road? The route is the wrong way.” The policeman then put him on the train to Xiangyang. At present, the man has arrived home safely.

  • Notice! A woman was fined 300 yuan for bringing a fairy stick into the station

    When Ms. Yuan from Beijing took the train home and checked her luggage at the station, she was found to be carrying a fairy wand. She was then taken to the police station to make a statement and was fined 300 yuan. Ms. Yuan said that she felt that the fairy stick was quite small, so she put it in the suitcase without paying too much attention.

happy moment

  • The girl shouted “Brother” and 16 brothers responded in unison

    Recently, when a family in Xinxiang, Henan Province gathered for dinner during the Spring Festival, the younger sister called out “Brother”, and 16 older brothers responded in unison. According to the person involved, because she has five uncles and four aunts, and her mother is the tenth child, she has so many brothers. It just happened to be their turn to eat at their house this year, so the scene was very spectacular.

Live micro video review

News Review

  • The significance of the folk custom of issuing scholarships in the ancestral hall

    On New Year’s Eve, guests from Guangxi and villagers from Linghu Village gathered at the ancestral hall to award scholarships to more than 40 children. The rewards for their studies range from tens to thousands of yuan. I believe the children will be more motivated in the new semester. See what Yue Nan said.

Look at the world with your heart

  • According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, on the morning of January 25 (the fourth day of the lunar new year), the lowest temperature in the northern part of Hubei Province will drop to -8~-5°C, and -5~-2°C in the south.

  • Recently, the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced the retail prices of textbooks and teaching supplementary materials for primary and secondary schools in the spring of 2023. Students and parents can check the website of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

  • According to news from the Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Work Conference of Hubei Province, the development of the construction industry in the province will hit a record high in 2022, with a total output value of 2.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 11% year-on-year. The completed urban construction investment was 405.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56.1%; the annual investment in real estate development was 617.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.8%, ranking third in the country.

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