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The green mobility lobby launches a new diktat to the EU to governments against cars

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Governments, already sensitive to employment by nature, have taken advantage of the difficulty on the front of motorists. Even those who would like to get into an electric car are held back by the insufficient charging network, so much so that in fact the new engines are mostly the prerogative of those who have the possibility to install their own private column and can reserve the vehicle for use. citizen. It is difficult to say how much the insufficiency of infrastructures is an insurmountable obstacle, especially with the PNRR funds on the way, or rather an excuse to shrug at the stop of 2035.

The fact is that the main countries have made known to Glasgow their position towards the Commission’s proposal, which is rather lukewarm and tending towards cold. Surely a first attempt to test the terrain, as is the habit of those who live in popular moods. The one on which T&E rests must have had a tremor, not even a slight one, so much so that it immediately emerged with an analysis which, by crossing some sales projections, comes to predict that “in the absence of new and ambitious rules, Europeans will buy 18 million electric vehicles less between now and the end of the decade “.

Apart from the consideration that those who want a thermal car in the absence of it would not necessarily buy an electric one, the study goes further, assuming that the industry and the market would even be ahead of the emission targets set by the Commission: “The the 2025 target, on balance, could even be reached two years in advance. “A clear sign of the weakness of the goal set.”

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While it is up to the manufacturers’ associations to reply, it does not appear that it is really that easy to keep the sales mix within limits. Indeed, to be honest, the microchip crisis is also providing an acceptable excuse to favor the registrations of green cars (low emission vehicles).

The impression one gets is the fears of T&E are not so much for the millions of electric cars not registered between now and 2035, but for the serious danger that the date could slip or, worse, that the stop to the thermal engines may not be confirmed. “If lawmakers do not intervene, the strong expansion of electric vehicles, fueled in the past by emission-cutting regulations, is bound to falter.”

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