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The middle class discovers hi tech and originality

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Technological and different from the others for the originality of the style: the Ds4 is the strategic pawn of Ds Automobiles. In fact, the new medium sedan of the premium brand of Stellantis fits into a context dominated by models made in Germany in which it is not easy to make one’s way. In addition, he also joins the fray with the task of supporting the fast electrification process of the brand. However, alongside the E-Tense hybrid version on tap, the turbo petrol versions of 1.2 and 1.6 liters with 130 and 180 horsepower and 1.5-liter turbodiesel with 130 horsepower.

All are based on the evolution of the Emp2 architecture resulting from the redefinition of 70% of the components to rationalize the arrangement of the electrical network, but also to optimize behavior, comfort and safety. Obviously, the renewed platform also asserts itself against the stylistic canons of the brand. Thus, the new sedan enters the scene with an appearance characterized by the balance of proportions, streamlined and discreetly muscular in which inspirations drawn from the world of coupes and crossovers are integrated. But that’s not all, because the multifaceted personality of the DS4 can also turn towards elegance with the Ds4 variant “and that’s it” rather than towards sportiness with the Performance Line versions and off-road contexts with the Cross. Then, as it now seems inevitable today, there is also the launch version. It is La Première that adds to all this an exasperated manufacturing refinement, the extensive presence of precious materials and a rich technological equipment, which also includes the Adas for the advanced level 2 of assisted driving.

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Part of the kit of the Ds4 La Prèmiere strongly permeates the atmosphere of the passenger compartment furnished in a minimalist way to benefit the spaciousness of the environment. The scene is dominated by the linear dashboard which, however, softly joins the door panels by integrating a 7 ”digital cockpit, configurable (in a minimal way), and the 10.3” display of the infotainment system. The latter hides the air vents, is extensively connected and customizable, interacts wirelessly with Apple CarPlay and the most recent releases of Android Auto. Furthermore, it is instinctively manageable even with a 5 ”touch display, but not always with precision. The digitization is completed by the head up display with a diagonal of 21 ”.

On the road it is not surprising so much for the valid and linear performance of its powertrain (the same of the flagship Ds9) as for the comfort and handling. The result determines a pleasant ride in every situation, thanks also to the personality changes of the powertrain impressed by the configurations Hybrid, Electric, Comfort and Sport. With the electric one we covered 44 km of the extra-urban and motorway route of our test, at the end of which, traveling in the hybrid mode, we recorded a distance close to 14 kilometers with a liter. Considering the scarcity of drastic slowdowns, useful for restoring some lymph to the 12.4 kWh battery, it is an appreciable result due to the willing management of flows which, where possible, allowed to drive briefly with zero emissions while keeping the gasoline consumption.

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