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The New Generation of Beijing Shuzhi Heavy Trucks Launches in Northeast China, Setting a Trend of Upgrading

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Beijing Heavy Truck unveils new generation of heavy trucks in Northeast China

Harbin, China – Beijing Heavy Truck has launched its new generation of heavy trucks in Northeast China, setting off a new trend of upgrading in the region. At the launch conference held in Harbin, the company showcased its innovative value, introducing digital intelligence technology and automatic transmission heavy trucks to customers.

The new generation of Beijing Shuzhi heavy trucks is equipped with the X Shuzhi power chain, offering two platform products called revival and dream pursuit. All models in the series come standard with ZF automatic transmission and feature unique i-Beijing Shuzhi technology. This includes the use of the “Root Cube” for private customization and digital intelligence technology for fuel saving and safety enhancement.

The Northeast logistics market has long struggled with low efficiency, outdated facilities, and industry involution. Beijing Heavy Truck aims to address these issues by providing cost-effective solutions and reviving the logistics industry in the region. The company directly tackles pain points faced by fleet customers, such as pseudo-customization, low attendance, difficulty in profitability, safety concerns, fatigue from driving, and maintenance challenges.

Xue Shancang, deputy general manager of BAIC Heavy Truck and general manager of the marketing company, emphasized the company’s commitment to high quality and low cost. By leveraging innovation in various aspects of the value chain, Beijing Heavy Truck aims to redefine the value of heavy trucks and provide customers with high-quality, affordable options.

The new generation of Beijing Heavy Truck introduces three main standards: a new architecture, new technology, and new performance. The vehicles are built with i-Beijing digital technology, delivering intelligent fuel saving and safety features. With the combination of i-Beijing digital intelligence technology and X digital intelligence power chain, the trucks offer superior performance and contribute to the development of the logistics and freight market in Northeast China.

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One of the key highlights of the new generation of heavy trucks is the innovative “Root Cube” technology, which allows for private customization. Users can customize their vehicles according to their specific needs and preferences, selecting from over 20,000+ product configurations. Beijing Heavy Truck has also established an order delivery system based on super BOM, enabling customers to participate in the entire process of customization, production, and delivery.

Additionally, the heavy trucks showcase four major smart digital intelligence technologies: Smart AEO, Smart SAVE, Smart EBP, and Smart EBI. These technologies optimize fuel consumption, improve vehicle performance, and enhance safety. The trucks can reduce fuel consumption by 8% compared to similar products under the same working conditions.

Beijing Heavy Truck aims to drive the innovation and revitalization of the logistics industry in Northeast China. Through its new generation of heavy trucks, the company hopes to provide customers with a reliable, cost-effective, and customizable solution for their transportation needs.

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