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The pension fund Font.Te. bet on the real economy

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The pension fund Font.Te.  bet on the real economy

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Three selective processes worth 450 million which aim to enrich the range of investments in the private market. This is the initiative launched by the Fon.Te. pension fund, which has assets under management of over 5 billion euros, over 40,000 associated companies and almost 265,000 members.
In April, Fon.Te. had signed investment projects for 120 million euros in the strategic Infrastructural Italy segment, focusing on key factors for the country’s economic development such as energy, healthcare and structural networks in the area. A further 20 million euros had been invested in CDP’s Fondo Italiano Investimenti.
On 17 July, the Board of Directors of Font.Te. has decided to expand its investments also in the Private Equity and Private Debt segments aimed primarily at companies. The Fund has thus begun the search for Alternative Investment Funds (AIF), with the aim of investing at least 70% in Italy (the remainder in Europe) for a total amount between 160 and 200 million euros. The search has also been launched for a manager of mandates in alternative investment funds, who will build a diversified Italy/Europe portfolio for a total endowment of 130 million euro.
«These forms of investment – ​​says Maurizio Grifoni, president of the Fon.Te. – are important for the diversification, decorrelation and return of the Fund’s portfolio and for supporting the country system in compliance with the environmental, social and governance criteria outlined by Europe. In doing so we confirm the role of supplementary pensions as an important institutional investor in its primary and substantial social and economic development function of the country”.

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