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The Power of Science Popularization: Unveiling the ‘Mysterious Invitation’ from the Blue Sky

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The Civil Aviation Museum is taking its science popularization efforts to new heights with the introduction of the Civil Aviation Science Popularization Carnival. This brand project aims to engage visitors, particularly children, in a range of interactive and educational activities.

Upon arrival at the museum, children can participate in various hands-on activities such as craft making, stamp collecting, and treasure hunting. These experiences not only provide entertainment but also help to stimulate curiosity and foster a love for aviation.

In addition to the on-site experiences, the Civil Aviation Museum also offers explanations and interactions on flight and civil aviation knowledge for older children. By providing informative and engaging content, the museum seeks to educate visitors about the complexities and wonders of the aviation industry.

“We believe in the power of collaboration when it comes to science popularization. That’s why we have expanded our reach to various institutions and departments, inviting the whole society to join us in our efforts,” said Yang Xiaoyong, head of the Social Education Department of the Civil Aviation Museum. “We welcome more audiences and friends to visit our museum and take part in our civil aviation science popularization carnival this year.”

The Civil Aviation Museum’s dedication to science education and popularization is evident through its innovative initiatives. By creating memorable experiences and offering valuable knowledge, the museum aims to inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts.

As the museum continues its mission to make science accessible and enjoyable, more visitors are expected to flock to the Civil Aviation Museum for a journey through the blue skies.

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