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“The rise of Temu is worrying”

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“The rise of Temu is worrying”

Shouldn’t so-called recommerce providers therefore take stronger action against Temu & Co.?
We are already doing that by offering an alternative for consumers who are not only looking for low prices, but for whom the issue of sustainability also plays an important role. We are making it as easy as possible for consumers to participate in the circular economy and act sustainably by bringing recommerce, i.e. the trade in used products, from the niche into the mass market. In addition to business matters such as growth and profitability, our own internal success factors also include, for example, how much electronic waste we prevent each year by giving used electronic products a new life. If companies like Temu are successful with exactly the opposite principles, it means that we have to further increase our efforts to convince even more people of our sustainable offering.

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