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Tik Tok, the de-influencer is the new trendy figure

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Tik Tok, the de-influencer is the new trendy figure

Tik Tok, the de-influencer is the new trendy figure

If some young man, some lady looking for new business or internet professionals (Tik Tok in particular) were to think of becoming an “influencer” perhaps better to leave the dream and turn to another profession that seems to have the wind in its sails . In fact, the unstoppable rise of influencers, true messiahs of consumerism, seems to have stopped. The new trendy figure is now that of the “de-influencer”, just the opposite. It seems that the days of videos are about to end, with wonderful, bombastic words that sang the praises of bags, lipsticks, miraculous shampoos to convince enchanted followers to buy. “No product makes you feel like this. It’s the best you can find, better than a good cake” is the average tone of the messages to attract internet users. But a few months ago the turning point, born from a video on Tik Tok where Fride, a Venezuelan student living in Chicago, gave serious, honest and documented reviews, openly criticizing some products and pointing out the benefits of others. The #deinfluencing tag was added, which quickly had half a million views.

Tik Tok, the social media of immediacy and fun

Instagram represents the social network to which the whole world of consumerism refers and it’s no coincidence that influencers have always moved well in that ocean, but Tik Tok is a little different. It is the social media of immediacy, fun and often sincerity and it is precisely for this reason that the new figure of the de-influencer is having space here. The essence of the new figure is clearly explained by the forerunner Frida who does not consider herself an influencer or a de-influencer. For her, however, there are people who post videos “against” because they are trendy. “TikTok trends or tendencies are the topics of conversation-confirms Frida- which are grouped under tags. They are much more important than they have ever been on Instagram. Here it doesn’t matter much who follows the user, because the videos in the main tab are displayed without interruption, depending on what the algorithm decides”. In this habitat, the figure of the influencer is no longer so important because in the first place there are the trends and tastes of the users that give way to the algorithm that puts them ahead of the others. The serious and balanced reviews of the young woman, with 16,500 followers, have 200,000 views. Instagram, on the other hand, is not so democratic and rewards posts “rich in sponsors”. And in fact, 97% of influencers (marketing oriented) have confirmed for Shopify that Istangram is their most important channel. The platform has a “monster” advertising revenue of 40 billion euros, according to Insider Intelligence. The algorithm seems to favor the entry of users towards big brands. And now this mechanism seems to be liked less and less and the figure of the influencer is in rapid decline because they are perceived as something very close to mere advertising.

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