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Tim: Meloni (FdI), “a single network must be public”

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The Tim network project is back in the foreground after the recent rumors about the Fratelli d’Italia (FdI) plan. Today it is the leader of the right-wing movement Giorgia Meloni who returns to the subject. “The issue is very delicate, but the position of Fratelli d’Italia is that of a single network, as happens in all the great Western democracies, which is publicly owned and not vertically integrated”, said Giorgia Meloni during her speech at “24 Mattino estate” aired today on Radio24.

“The point is to separate the ownership of the network – which in my opinion cannot be private, as it is nowhere for a matter of national security and protection of the national interest – from the sale of the service that must be done under the free competition between all operators ”, Meloni explained, reiterating that“ this is the historical position of the Brothers of Italy ”.

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