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Honor | Firebat e-commerce won the award of Ali Mama’s “Full-Link Effect Xingrui Marketing Partner”-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

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Honor | Firebat e-commerce won the award of Ali Mama’s “Full-Link Effect Xingrui Marketing Partner”-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

Source Title: Honor | Firebat E-commerce won the award of Alimama’s “Full-Link Effect Xingrui Marketing Partner”

On August 15, Alimama’s m partner C private sharing session – a special session for eco-partners for global operation and efficiency improvement was successfully held in Hangzhou.

Zhong Yuqing, CEO of Firebat e-commerce, Yang Ge, general manager of Ali Mama Ecological Marketing Center, and many ecological partners who have deep ties with Ali were all present to jointly open an in-depth dialogue on brand management in the second half of 2022.

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Yangge, General Manager of Alimama Ecological Marketing Center

01. Trend insight, ecological integration

m partner is the aggregation IP of a large e-commerce ecological economy created by Alimama, which provides more possibilities for the exploration of brand ecological integration and other aspects. Inclusive growth has always been the direction of Alimama’s ecological construction, and it is also the unremitting pursuit of Firebat e-commerce to bring substantial business efficiency to users on the basis of understanding the needs of users.

At the private sharing meeting, Alimama released four major strategies of integration. Based on product capabilities, business matching, market voice, platform incentives, etc., major capabilities were upgraded from the perspectives of people, goods, and markets, presenting a new ecological integration of global operations. Ideas, actual experience in re-stocking, and hard-core preparations for Double Eleven, etc., help brand merchants achieve long-term growth in the business field in the second half of the year.

02. Expand marketing boundaries and explode product power

How to activate the effect and increase the new increment?In essence, people, goods, and markets are the core of e-commerce and an indispensable part of winning the global business war.

At the m partner private sharing meeting, Zhong Yuqing, CEO of Firebat E-commerce, shared his core views from the perspective of product strength:Using digital intelligence to help brands complete the smooth transition of transformation is an important topic for brands in digital operations.

First, brand population clustering segmentation insights. With the help of the data bank, the group is divided into groups based on the classification of 3 types of core groups, and 4 types of main groups are subdivided. With the help of the strategy center, the group is characterized by three-dimensional characterization and scene demand analysis from the perspective of cross-category preferences and consumption behavior characteristics. .

Second, the crowd’s product preference insight and product matrix supply. Starting from the brand multi-product matrix, test the TGI index of clustered population products, and analyze the product type preferences of the population; based on the data analysis results, it guides the matching of people and products during brand activities and the supply of new products of the brand, and improves the matrix of new and old products.

Finally, channel matching is implemented, and feedback is continuously monitored.

From the two ends of the payment channel and the content channel, the channel preference insights of the clustered people are carried out, and the optimal combination of attracting new circulation touchpoints for each clustered group is matched in the form of payment + content channel, and the corresponding material content is implemented based on the preference characteristics of the crowd. Through continuous data monitoring, rapid feedback and optimization are carried out to help the brand group achieve the operation strategy.

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In addition, Zhong Yuqing, CEO of Firebat e-commerce, also gave a detailed answer on how to combine Alimama’s tools, do a good job in peak season operations, expand crowds and launch new products, and store energy for the Double 11 promotion.

03. Innovate the full-link play, and build the long-term value of the brand together

As one of the ecological partners working with Alimama to promote global digital marketing, Firebat e-commerce has always been committed to exploring new growth models with a young and innovative attitude.

Side by side with the brand, from the brand’s point of view, to think about the problem, by upgrading its own service capabilities, constantly expand the service boundaries, build service barriers, and join hands with the brand to move towards a long-term development path.

With strong corporate strength, rich experience in refined operation and management, and continuous investment in the field of agency operations, Firebat won the certification of Alimama’s “Full-Link Effect Star Sharp Marketing Partner” at the m partner C private sharing meeting.

This time, Firebat e-commerce won the award, which fully shows that Firebat e-commerce has been recognized for its comprehensive strength in terms of global product operation capabilities, customer service capabilities, marketing capabilities, data utilization capabilities, and market growth potential.

In addition, Firebat is constantly emerging in the field of e-commerce.In July this year, he was selected into the latest “Top 15 Chinese Brand E-commerce Service Provider Rankings in 2022” released by iiMedia Research; in April, he won the Best Product Management Award of the Year for the Annual Business Methodology with the advantages of digital intelligence…

As an excellent domestic data and technical e-commerce service expert, Firebat E-commerce always believes that every brand’s business problems can be answered. solution.

04. Firebat and Alimama jointly build a system upgrade to help businesses grow globally

In the new digital era, from “seeking common ground” to “seeking differences”, consumers’ behavioral paths are more diverse, which also puts forward higher requirements for operators.

In the future, Firebat e-commerce will maintain more frequent interactions with Alimama, strengthen industry capabilities, realize full-link digital application, and store energy for brand development.

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