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Time’s up for Baritech, the letters of dismissal are starting

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Even the latest attempt did not help to avoid the dismissal of the 113 workers of Baritech, the company closed since December 2021 with the last non-woven fabric PPE order. For the 113 workers on layoffs since last April, it is only a matter of time, the time needed for the dismissal letters to arrive at their destination from Brescia, the headquarters of Baritech Operations srl.

The Brescian group that owns the company, occupied by the workers, has in fact closed any opening for negotiations. He did not want to ask for an extension of the Cig which expired on January 31 – despite the many pressures received – even for just one of the 3 months already authorized by the Ministry of Labour, an extension that would have given more time to present and examine alternative options to the only binding offer arrived in recent months to take over the plant and give the workers a future. That of the Arborio group, which however did not follow up on it without however formalizing the withdrawal, which should lead to the payment of the penalty.

Baritech Operations also said no to a last-minute expression of interest on the table of the regional employment task force, presented by a Milanese firm specializing in M&A. The decision not to ask for an extension of the Cig – officially motivated by the lack of financial resources to advance the monthly severance pay and social security contributions, even if envisaged to a lesser extent – ​​confirmed the disengagement of the Brescia group and clarified what the workers , trade unions and regional employment task force have always suspected. And that is to proceed with the sale of only the real estate compendium without the workers.

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So much so that the head of the task force, Leo Caroli, has made it clear in recent days that in this dispute have weighed «the issue of the tax credit that machinery has as a dowry, equal to 1.5 million, deriving from industry 4.0 and the fear that Baritech, freed from the burden constituted by the workers, after just one day would sell the real estate compendium to the first local entrepreneur to carry out a real estate speculation».

Among the workers and the trade unions – who are now looking to the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso for the urgent opening of a roundtable in Rome and who will decide on the further actions to be taken this afternoon – the poster of a real estate agency is circulating, dated May 2022, request for evaluation of the industrial warehouse in via delle Ortensie. Baritech Operations srl is the applicant; the property is described in full ownership and in free rental status.

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