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Toti re-launches the lockdown only to the unvaccinated

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The governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti returns to strike the lockdown button only for the unvaccinated. «I believe that the Government – he said – is avoiding exacerbating the social tension, but I am sure that it is very clear that we cannot close the country when 90% of people run a much lower portion of the risk than last year. Among those vaccinated in hospital, the percentage is minimal“. Toti urges the executive to introduce a reinforced green pass for the vaccinated in the event of the passage of the Regions in the orange or red zone.

Hypothesis “Austrian lockdown” only for the unvaccinated, there is an axis of governors against the No Vax. The government: the numbers of Vienna are far away

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«The health service does not run particular risks with vaccinated people – said Toti -. For 10% of diehards we should close diligent people who have been vaccinated with a civic spirit at home. This is the real issue and must be decided now. I understand the sense of government that takes a few days in the hope that covid can bow its head – he concluded -, but today we need to tell businesses and citizens what they will be able to do at Christmas ». Toti is now seen a bit as a kind of informal spokesperson for the governors, who are increasingly convinced that the road is to lockdown only for those who do not have the vaccine, to save the economy from the specter of other closures.

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Even the Calabrian governor is of the same idea as Toti. “I am against any restriction, so much so that one of my first acts as president was to modify the circular that defined the procedures for indicating the red zones. I didn’t do any red zone but those who have been vaccinated cannot pay for the irresponsibility of a minority, explained Roberto Occhiuto.

But the idea is now making its way even within the majority. Sandra Zampa, deputy and health manager of the Democratic Party, on the lockdown for the unvaccinated, explains: «I believe that the responsibility for the increase in infections lies with the unvaccinated, because there are no more elements to refuse vaccination. If the contagion grows, it is necessary to imagine a form of lockdown for unvaccinated people, to minimize contacts with others, perhaps making them work in smart working at home. It is clear that not everyone can be penalized. I would also work on the issue of pads, having the green pass with pads is a bit of a dancer. The duration of the tampon must be short and those who do not get vaccinated must know that they must continuously take the tampon. The CTS must take a position on this and state it clearly ». Salvini opposed to the lockdown for the unvaccinated? Zampa replies: «I am very struck by the fact that Salvini is saying the opposite of his regional presidents. Fedriga, who found himself facing the effects of the resumption of infections in Friuli, does not say what Salvini says. Some have retraced their steps, perhaps recalled by Salvini, but all had said that the green pass should only be valid for those who are not vaccinated. Continuing to hear Salvini say the opposite of who is really fighting for the problem affects me. Living the life of a parliamentarian is a little easier than living the life of a regional president who has to deal with numbers every day. Former grill girl Sara Cunial was allowed to enter the Chamber without a Green pass. «A bad and unfair message – said Zampa -. I hope that the Parliament, starting with the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico, will take the matter in hand, revise that opinion and that it will go back to saying that Parliament cannot be entered without a Green Pass ».

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