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Travel – News: Traffic jam forecast: The return traffic is rolling

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Travel – News: Traffic jam forecast: The return traffic is rolling

ADAC Mobility Index: Traffic jams on the motorway and delays on the train mean that the index as a whole is treading water. Photo: Authors’ Union Mobility/ADAC


The ADAC is expecting heavy holiday traffic again next weekend (11-13 August), most of which will be heading home. That should lead to traffic jams on the freeways again. On the way home are travelers from Bremen, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia as well as the middle of the Netherlands. The holidays will soon end here.

According to the Automobile Club, traffic delays must be expected in the following sections (both directions): A 1 Lbeck – Hamburg – Bremen, A 3 Passau – Nuremberg – Würzburg – Frankfurt, A 4 Kirchheimer Dreieck – Bad Hersfeld – Erfurt – Dresden , A 5 Karlsruhe – Basel, A 6 Heilbronn – Nuremberg, A 7 Hamburg – Flensburg and Fssen/Reutte – Ulm – Wrzburg – Kassel – Hanover – Hamburg, A 8 Stuttgart – Munich – Salzburg, A 9 Munich – Nuremberg, A 24 Berlin – Hamburg, A 45 Gieen – Dortmund, A 61 Ludwigshafen – Koblenz – Mnchengladbach, A 72 Hof – Chemnitz, A 81 Stuttgart – Singen, A 93 Inntal triangle – Kufstein and A 95/B 2 Munich – Garmisch-Partenkirchen and A 99 bypass Munich .

The return wave is also rolling in neighboring countries, Italy’s trunk roads are particularly affected. The routes most at risk of congestion are the Tauern, Fernpass, Arlberg, Rhine Valley, Brenner, Karawanken and Gotthard routes, as well as the trunk roads to and from the Italian, French and Croatian coasts. In Austria, increased traffic is to be expected along the Inntal, Tauern and Brenner autobahns due to the closure of alternative routes. In addition, the Arlberg Tunnel is closed throughout the travel season. The alternative route leads over the Arlberg Pass.

Waiting times of around 60 minutes should be planned at the borders of some neighboring European countries, and significantly more for journeys to Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Turkey and back. When entering Germany, the three motorway border crossings Suben (A 3 Linz – Passau), Walserberg (A 8 Salzburg – Munich) and Kiefersfelden (A 93 Kufstein – Rosenheim) are particularly prone to congestion. (awm)

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